Oh, My Dear! Chapter 19

Author; Angelina

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Chapter 19 果知给时西的 (What) Guo Zhi gave Shi Xi

Guo Zhi listened to his father’s arrangements and chose economics, and Shi Xi chose psychology.

They’re not in the same class, not in the same building and not in the same dorm but as long as he can find Shi Xi, Guo Zhi felt that it does not matter. He had many words to say to Shi Xi, he wanted to tell him what had happened in these two months, wanted to tell him that he brought a very good camera and wanted to tell him that he encountered good people and good deeds when working in the summer holiday. He has so much to tell him but he did not want to tell him that he had thought of him.

Hua Guyu finished reporting his name/enrolling and turned around to discover Shi Xi was standing behind him, he noticed that Shi Xi’s changes in appearance and noticed that he was unexpectedly in the same department? Suddenly, he openly pointed at Shi Xi: “I hate you! I want to use all my good looks to hate you!”

“Crazy.” Shi X was completely indifferent to Hua Guyu. Hua Guyu discovered that Shi Xi was unexpectedly taller than him, he had an even more of a face of misery: “Can’t you let me be beautiful alone peacefully?”

“Move away.”

“What attitude is this of yours ah, I’ve decided I want to be around you to keep cursing you to become old and ugly, don’t think of ditching me!”

Shi Xi shot Hua Guyu a glance: “Is this your coming out of the closet declaration?” [1]

[1] 这是你的出柜宣言?”

“Knock on wood!! The person who would like someone as strange as you is only Guo.”

“Hua’er.” Guo Zhi was enrolling in the office next to them, hearing Hua Guyu shout and wrangle he came over.,Hua Guyu was busy modifying his previous remark: “Guo, Guo Dong.”

“Hua’er, are you chatting with Shi Xi? I didn’t know that you also chose psychology.”

“Nonsense, I want to study why those women would like me so much.” Hua Guyu not at all ashamed told him his theory.

Really? Of course it’s because you’re handsome.” Guo Zhi honestly said.

“Such a shallow reason, tut.” mouth spoke in this way but his expression is proud. Hua Gu Yu walked to the classroom entrance, hatefully looked at Shi Xi again: “Don’t forget the hateful expression in my eyes!” He left after speaking.

Guo Zhi watched Hua Gu Yu looking at Shi Xi again: “Shi Xi, you’re really likable even Hua’er likes you too.”

Shi Xi began to adapt to Guo Zhi’s endless praises: “Why did you come here?”

“Of course it’s to help you move things to the dormitory.”

“I’m not living at the school.”

“Very impressive!”

“I’m living at the school.”

“Very impressive!”

“I want to hit you right now.”

“What? I boast you and you still want to hit me, scoundrel!” Guo Zhi flattened his mouth and waited for Shi Xi to finish enrolling.

Dealing with related matters Guo Zhi and Shi Xi walked out. He suddenly held on to Shi Xi: “You wait, I helped you find good material.”

He took out his phone and dialled Guo Ruojie’s number: “Tangjie, let’s hang out.”

“Too lazy to hang out.” Guo Ruojie yawned.

“My parents have brought you a lot of good food.”

“Where are you?”

“I’ll wait for you at the school gate.”

Both of them stood at the school gate, Guo Ruojie unhurriedly walked over. Guo Zhi pointed at Guo Ruojie and excitedly rushed to Shi Xi to say: “Thats her, what can you write with this? Prostitute?”

Shi Xi glanced at Guo Ruojie: “What is worth writing about such an ordinary featureless  person?”

“No she is very lazy, look at her messy hair, clothes are not frequently washed and does everything lazily. She can lie in bed and yawn on the bed, scratch her ass, even if her trouser zip was open she would be too lazy to zip it, she would rather let other people see her underwear.” Guo Zhi was next to him giving him a detailed explanation.

This disrespectful dialogue was all said in front of Guo Ruojie.

Guo Ruojie just woke up and was too lazy to talk back: “Food.”

Guo Zhi took out a heap of food from his backpack and looked towards Shi Xi again: “Look, look, only food can make her move isn’t she similar to a dog?”

Guo Ruojie looked at Guo Zhi: “If you didn’t food in your hand, you would be dead.”

“Tangjie, what did I say? You seem very angry.”

Guo Ruojie snatched the bag and turned to leave, she lazily glanced at them both more. Guo Zhi in order to prove to Shi Xi also took out a photo from his phone, Shi Xi turned the photo. He was silent for a while before returning the phone back to Guo Zhi.

“How about it? How about my Tangjie being a prostitute?” Guo Zhi impatiently inquired, people nearby heard Guo Zhi’s words, frightened, they stared at Guo Zhi with wide eyes. 。

“She can only be a prostitute with no customers.”

“Then” what did Guo Zhi want to say? He took notice of Shi Xi’s change in expression, Guo Zhi still noticed even if it (the change in expression) was very little. He didn’t speak again in order to avoid interrupting Shi Xi’s thoughts.

The residence that Shi Xi chose this time remains an excite coming and going of people. In the past, this place was a hotel wine shop and after closing down it was modified into premises to let. Once the door was opened there was a hallway, the hallway walls were inlaid with a wardrobe. The bathroom was very big, the furnishings were almost as if it was an ordinary single bed  hotel room and there was only one bed inside, a sofa and a computer table, yellowish wallpaper, Tv hanging on the wall. Outside the french window he could see the campus, Guo Zhi stood in front of the french window looking outside: He likes this room as it somehow makes people feel wam. He doesn’t know if it’s because of the room’s decoration or if it’s because Shi Xi is here. When he opened the door and went in, Guo Zhi had a feeling of home.

Clearing away everything they returned to school. They went out of the apartments, people were busily passing by them, no one will stop watching their phones, listening to music, expression is numb for one to live. [3] They (SX and GZ) shuttle amongst them and unconsciously they were quickly covered by a stream of people.


Guo Zhi suddenly stood outside a shop entrance staring at Shi Xi hesitating whether to go in or not and when he recovered Shi Xi was already gone. Guo Zhi could obviously see the top of the school building but as a result of being unfamiliar in an unfamiliar city route he did not know which way to go around. He anxiously stared at the unfamiliar crowd: “Shi Xi!” He loudly called Shi Xi’s name.

A woman saw a helpless Guo Zhi and went over: “This handsome guy, our barber shop is doing an activity over there and it’s free of charge to wash hair and for a haircut. This rare opportunity is only for today, do you want me to take you to have a look? You should have a haircut.”


“It’s free of charge, we are doing an activity. They are all top-level hair stylists. Let’s go, go take a look.” The woman’s face was sincere.

Guo Zhi watched her face, on such a hot day she is going through great troubles to get customers and it’s free of charge. Then what do they earn?: “Where?”

“Over there, I won’t cheat you. You can see our shop sign.” A banner with ‘free of charge’ like this is used to attract people and usually it cannot be free of charge. It’s usually not free of charge, they can always to penetrate into a bull’s horn [2] to charge you even more money.

[2]The sentence is 他们总能钻到字眼的牛角尖收你更多的钱。钻牛角尖 is an idiom which means to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem

Guo Zhi was ready to follow the woman over but his elbow was caught by Shi Xi: “You idiot casually following people again.” Shi Xi’s tone was somewhat not good. The woman turned her head to see Shi Xi: “Your friend also came, let’s go together ba.”

“No need.” Shi Xi coldly refused.

The woman wanted to put on a sincere face but Shi Xi continued to say: “Did you not go to school? Do you not understand?” The woman was surprised dejectedly leaving and continued to pull other guests.

“That sister has good intentions. Look you scared her.”

“Good intentions my ass.”

Guo Zhi being scolded lowered his head, Shi Xi could see him pluck up his mouth as usual. He watched Guo Zhi and frowned: “What is with your feel wronged expression? Such a big person can also lose one’s way?”


“What about you, use your unnecessary praises to swap for some IQ.”

Shi Xi curled his lips as he left Guo Zhi to go alone. Guo Zhi lifted his head and was still pouting his lips but he saw Shi Xi go into the shop that he was just staring at, that store is not special, it can be seen everywhere. It’s a phone business hall.

Not a while later Shi Xi transacted a sim card and came out: “Why are you surprised? Come over.”

Guo Zhi went over, Shi Xi continued to say: “Phone”

“You have a sim card?” Guo Zhi’s mouth finally did not budge instead, it changed shape.

Shi Xi’s words are casual: “I can find you like this.”

Guo Zhi took the phone back into his hand: “As a matter of fact, you can also find me without a phone.”

“Then delete the number.”

“I don’t want to!” Guo Zhi put his phone behind his back.

Perhaps they weren’t aware of it, it’s impossible not to change as long as the time is passing it will change to some extent, nothing will be like before and nothing can return to before. Guo Zhi wants to give Shi Xi all the beauty of the world, this isn’t a lie. He brought Shi Xi material, he brought Shi Xi friends. In the future he will also bring Shi Xi affection.


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