Blood Contract

Title: Blood Contract (血色契約)
Author: 冰靈
Genre and Tags: qihuan, western fantasy, vampires, slaves, rape, 1V1, HE


Because Zero accidentally transported himself to a foreign world, the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was a giant slave ship and he became the ship’s new slave. This was a place where the strong ate the weak. As a new slave, he would have to face his slave master and additionally get bullied by others. The most unthinkable thing was that creatures known as vampires existed.



Camarilla: Ruled by the Mi Sect and led by the Dark King. They pursue co-existence with humans, with a portion of humans who are contracted to them as blood slaves. Blood slaves do the vampires’ biddings and in return, the vampires vow not to kill them and offer them material support.

Sabbat: Ruled by the Devil Sect and led by the Blood Emperor. They see humans as low-level animals, killing them at will. They also refuse to admit other vampires. If they do, then normally those vampires will be buried alive as a scare tactic and the Mo will also implement another Blood Bound ceremony as extra control. Mi members refer Sabbat as “The Hand of Darkness”.

Sangyang: Where humans live, ruled by both the Church and the White Emperor. Sangyang exists peacefully with Camarilla, with a barrier surrounding the entirety of the land to prevent invasion. The only pathway connecting the two is the Forbidden Forest but legend has it that Satan dwells there. Both sides dare not enter.

The left in dashes is Sangyang. Sabbat is the brown island. The rest is Camarilla which is divided into 7 territories ruled by each Prince. The dark green in the middle is the Forbidden Forest.

The 13 Houses

Mi Sect
Brujah: Most powerful but disorganized
Gangrel: Most beast-like, can transform into bats or wolves
Malkavian: Psychosis runs in their blood
Nosferatu: Ugliest looking but very organized, skilled in espionage and news gathering
Toreador: Most talented especially in the arts, loves to socialize
Tremere: Uses blood to create magic
Ventrue: The enforcers of law

Devil Sect
Lasombra: Leader of the Mo, loves to abuse humans
Tzimisce: Masters of disguises

Giovanni: Consists of business people and controls spirits of the dead, mastermind behind the betrayal of the Dark King
Ravnos: Creates illusions, a solitary family
Assamite: Assassins and mercenaries, compensation is blood of the ones who hired them
Followers of Sect

Camarilla’s 6 Laws

1) Co-existence
2) Defined Powers
3) Descendants
4) Responsibilities
5) Hospitality
6) Familicide


Antediluvian: The 3rd gen and earliest recorded group, consisting of 13 vampires who possessed nearly god-like abilities. They were born from Cain (1st gen) and Lilith (2nd gen). They were exterminated in the 1st Holy War against the Crusaders.

Methusaleh: The famed vampires who lived for thousands of years. They are the 4th and 5th gens. Nobody knows if they still exist or not.

A vampire is ranked accordingly to what generation his or her blood-bound Parent belongs to. For example, if the one initiating the process is a 4th gen, then the Childe who is being initiated will become a 5th gen. After Blood Bound, all familial (blood) ties will be cut. The Childe-turned Neonate will have no relations to the birth parents. The parents will not acknowledge their relationship either. The only Parent of the Neonate will be the one whom he or she is blood-bound to.


A human Childe must be specially trained before the initiation. This is a vampire’s special way of “reproduction”.

A Childe born from both vampires possesses pure blood but not considered a vampire until after initiation. Reproduction rate is low.

A Childe born from a vampire and human possesses half of a vampire’s blood but not considered a vampire until after initiation. Reproduction rate is higher than that of a pure blood.

Regardless of his or her birth parents, a Childe is similar of an ordinary human. He or she will have normal growth development until initiation. However, there are two major differences. The first is that a Childe is physically stronger and will heal his or her wounds faster than a human’s. The second is that during a certain period, every Childe differs but mostly on a full moon, a Childe will display extreme thirst for blood. If he or she has no access to blood for a while, he or she will lose consciousness and go on a rampage. The extreme scenario is death. This is the reason why Childes are precious.


A vampire will drain the Childe of all his or her blood and then the Childe will likewise do the same with the Parent. The process will then be over and a Neonate (young vampire) is born.


After initiation, the vampire will gain a special ability that solely belongs to him or her. Even a Prince may be disadvantaged when facing a weaker enemy’s ability in combat.


A: Pure Blood
B: Noble Blood
C: Average
D: Human-turned Vampire
E (End): Failed Vampire (loss of consciousness towards death)

Blood Bound/Inheritance

While not as strong as sharing blood after initiation, Childes who inherit the physical body traits of his or her vampire parent(s) are stronger than ones who did not. If one of the parents is naturally fit, then the Child should be as well. In this case, the parent will normally opt to initiate the Childe and become his or her blood-bound Parent. If both are weak, then the parents will find another who will become the Parent.


Every Childe has an Elder as a guardian. He or she is in charge of the Childe’s development and protection. It ends when he or she becomes an Ancilla (after Neonate, an adult vampire).

Blood Servant

A Level E controlled by a higher level vampire and will only obey his or her master’s orders.

T/N: This is a dark novel particularly at the beginning and then it gets romantic towards the middle and end. It is 1v1 HE despite there being 4 gongs. Zero has never loved and will never love the other 3. He’s only faithful to his doggy. It’s one of my favorite novels (I normally do not like NP relationships) so if you decide to stick with it, then I hope you enjoy it all the way. Thanks.

Volume 1 – Vampires’ Territory: The Blood of Camarilla

Chapter 1 – The Start to a Foreign World
Chapter 2 – The Slave Ship
Chapter 3 – Deep into the Night
Chapter 4 – Stupidity and Punishment
Chapter 5 – A Different Master
Chapter 6 – Mrs. Fayra
Chapter 7 – Vampire
Chapter 8 – Fresh Blood and a Slave
Chapter 9 – Slaughter
Chapter 10 – Nightly Encounter

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