Number One Zombie Wife – Chapter 18

You Just Got Lucky

The three thugs then noticed a tall, well-built, sharp-eyed man next to Mu Yifan. With just one look, it was obvious that this man was experienced, someone who shouldn’t be messed with.

Two of them whispered to the one with the stained pants and shoes: “This man looks like trouble. Just let it go. Besides, don’t forget that we got a mission to complete. If anything goes wrong, we can’t afford the consequences.”

The thug thought about it for a while, turned to Mu Yifan, and angrily barked: “You just got lucky.”

Just when the three of them turned to leave, Zhan Beitian warned: “Tell the young Miss of the Rong family not to bother Rong Yan anymore.”

They froze in their tracks.

How could this man have known that they were sent by Miss Rong?

Mu Yifan was also surprised.

After Zhan Beitian had spoken, he not only remembered that he was in his own novel but also that Rong Yan was this novel’s female lead.

According to the original plot, regardless of pre-transmigration or post-transmigration, the male lead met the female lead, who happened to be visiting a grave site on Qingming, not long after he had awoken from his coma. The female lead subsequently brought him home and found a doctor from a small clinic to retrieve his bullet.

To the female lead, the male lead owed her a great debt of gratitude. Post-apocalypse, he met her again and brought her to his side. Thus, the beginning of a relationship slowly blossomed.

Before his transmigration though, he only had slight affection for her. After the transmigration, they transitioned from being friends to a couple.

Depressed, Mu Yifan scratched his head.

Since he now had taken the bullet and saved his life, the female lead would miss the opportunity to meet the male lead. It was still a good thing that the male lead recognized the female lead; if he really liked her, then he would come up with another way to make her fall for him once again.

Like right now, the male lead specifically came to this shady alleyway just for her. Originally, she was supposed to come across these same three thugs here on the second day of Qingming after she had gotten off work. If the male lead hadn’t walked out from her house and bumped into her getting harassed by them, the ending would have most likely been a tragic one.

Collecting all his thoughts together, Mu Yifan concluded: “No wonder why he drove the car here.”

The male lead must have wanted to wait for the female lead and the thugs to appear, find an excuse to rescue her, and then acquaint himself with her.

If it was like that, then didn’t he just ruin their chances of meeting each other when he had vomited?

Mu Yifan felt a bit guilty but then he thought, the male lead would be killed by him anyway. Whether the leads meet or not, it did not matter.

With this, he consoled himself and soon felt relieved.

Ah, wait….

If the male lead was here to rescue the female lead, then shouldn’t the female lead be nearby?

Mu Yifan looked around him curiously. To his left stood a pretty woman wearing a tshirt and jeans from ten meters away.

And then, his mind went blank.

T/N: Qingming is one of the four most important Chinese holidays since ancient times, besides Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a day where people visit the graves of their ancestors, sweep their tombs, and offer foods and prayers.

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