Number One Zombie Wife – Chapter 19

He’s Called Cuihua

Shit! The female lead looked no different from the girl he had a crush on back in real life. Damn it! Did he offend some deity? Why prank him like this?! When he wrote the female lead in his novel, he had never intended her to be modeled after his crush. Not to mention, he didn’t even use her real name so how was this possible?!!

Oh! He just remembered. The fictional Mu Yifan also liked the female lead which was why he hated the male lead.

He was disheartened. It shouldn’t have turned out like this. Why did she look exactly her?

Mu Yifan stared at Rong Yan’s beautiful face, unable to think about anything else.

Since Zhan Beitian knew about the plot, the three thugs decided to flee and report the matter before taking any further action.

After they had left, Zhan Beitian turned to look at Mu Yifan. Discovering that he kept staring wide-eyed at Rong Yan, he unconsciously furrowed his brows and coldly spoke: “Mr. Mu.”

Snapping back to reality, Mu Yifan asked: “What?”

“Get in the car.”

After noticing that his face had darkened, Mu Yifan guessed that the male lead must be jealous and didn’t want him to look at the female lead.  Still, he wanted to keep on looking. Not only would he keep on looking, he would introduce himself to her so that the female lead would remember him.

He turned towards Rong Yan who had stopped in her tracks because of the commotion and waved his hand enthusiastically at her: “Cutie, I’m Mu…. Mu Mu! What’s your name?”

Zhan Beitian’s expression grew icy. He grabbed him by the collar, walked around the car to the passenger’s side, and stuffed the shameless person inside.

Still adamant, he poked his head out the window: “Cutie, next time we meet, I’ll treat you to a meal! My cell’s number is XXXXXXXXXXXX….”

“Shut your mouth. Buckle up.” Zhan Beitian sternly warned.

Mu Yifan ignored him and continued: “Cutie, remember! I’m Mu Mu.” He then pointed at Zhan Beitian: “He’s called Cuihua.”

“Pft….” Rong Yan snickered, thoroughly entertained by Mu Yifan.

A grown man was named Cuihua.

“….” Zhan Beitian’s face had completely darkened by this time. He shut the car door and speedily drove away.

Mu Yifan drooped in his seat: “I didn’t even get to ask her name.”

Since the female lead looked exactly his crush in real life, he then wondered what Rong Xue, the young Miss of the Rong family whom Zhan Beitian had mentioned earlier, looked like. They should look similar since they were sisters with the same parents. At that time, if Rong Yan’s father hadn’t had an affair, divorced Rong Yan’s mother, and married the mistress, then the two sisters wouldn’t have been separated.

When the younger sister had just turned one, she was taken in by the father because the mistress was barren. Under the tutelage of the mistress, this younger sister had become extremely spoiled and envied everyone. She loathed the mother and sister who had abandoned her when she was just an infant.

Furthermore, her older sister was better than her in many ways. Even the men, whom she fancied, liked her sister more, which explained why she sent the thugs after her.

Zhan Beitian glared at him but remained quiet, thinking about what had just happened earlier.

The event progression was like that of his past life’s. Did that mean the apocalypse was nearing? If so, he’d better prepare.

T/N: Cuihua 翠花 is an extremely girly but average name. It means green flower.

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  1. Aiyoooo, Mu Yifan you still dare to pick up girls whilst being pregananant?! In front of your hubby?! *facepalm*

  2. B MYF has issues, hahaha
    i still haven’t grasped the grudge of B ZBT imply being better/living good life compared to him
    MYF flirting in front of his husband!!! LOL! I like how cute he is towards his crush pftt
    sorry, but more often mistresses are the bad woman here, younger sis has no brain, do you think they wanted to abandon you? I bet if she was with her real mother she’ll also complain about living poorly

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