Number One Zombie Wife – Chapter 20

Something’s Wrong with Your Body

Not long after, Mu Yifan quickly fell asleep in the car again, as if he hadn’t rested in half a month. He slept very soundly and comfortably. Saliva even drooled from the corner of his mouth, wetting his collar.

When mealtime had come, Zhan Beitian couldn’t wake him up at all so he forcefully nudged him. It was then that he woke up but even so, his eyes were closed while he ate. He wasn’t even concerned about choking on fish bones.

Mu Yifan didn’t know why he was so lethargic. Opening his eyes alone required gargantuan effort.

After arriving at his villa, Mu Yifan went straight to bed and began to snore loudly, not bothering to shower. He slept all the way until the next morning. After eating breakfast, he slept again.

Zhan Beitian hadn’t noticed Mu Yifan’s strange behavior at first. All his thoughts were on the coming of the apocalypse.

Just when he had begun to plan out a list of the necessary items, his phone rang. It was Lu Lin.

“Sir, we’ve already reached G City and investigated the situation that you had mentioned. A 4 year old child did get killed in a vehicular accident in Watertown Village last month. As for the child’s killer, we couldn’t investigate further because his background is too prominent in G City. After all, this isn’t our turf. However, supposedly, the killer’s surname is Mu. After it happened, he used all methods to suppress news of the murder.”

Surname Mu?

Probably Mu Mu.

Zhan Beitian coolly replied: “Hold the investigation for now. I have another assignment for you guys. Go rent a large warehouse tomorrow for a month, at least 1,000 meters. Xiang Guo will be in charge of buying stockpiles of rice, the more the better. Just get similar quality to that of an average household. Also…”

After relaying everything, he saw that it was still early. He grabbed his car keys and headed out to shop for the necessities.

Like this, he busied himself for three to four days, only returning to Mu Yifan’s villa when it was time to eat and sleep.

Slowly, he had discovered that there was something off with Mu Yifan. Over these past days, if he was not sleeping, then he was eating and if he was not eating, then he was sleeping. Not only did he vomit less, his appetite grew enormously and he loved sour foods. He wasn’t any different from a pig.

He didn’t want to care about him but then thought, he was ill and he had helped him take the bullet. More importantly, the Qingtian Bead was still inside of him. No matter what, he couldn’t ignore him.

He glanced up at the clock on the wall. It was already 20:00. The living room was very quiet, without a sign of life.

He paused and wondered for a bit, and then went up to Mu Yifan’s room on the second floor.

The door was unlocked so he directly entered. Everything was pitch black. He relied on the moonlight shining through the window to see the inside of his room.

Zhan Beitian then switched on the light. He swiftly spotted the “mummy” lying flat on the bed.

A night ago, Li Qingtian came over to check up on Mu Yifan. The doctor had changed the wraps in front of him. Indeed, Mu Yifan’s upper right arm had a bullet hole in it.

As for the gauze around his face, Mu Yifan didn’t want him to see his ugly side so he dragged Li Qingtian back to his room to get it changed.

“….” Zhan Beitian pursed his lips. He knew that it’d be hard to wake him up so he just pushed him. “Mr. Mu, wake up.”

The person lying on the bed did not respond.

He nudged him harder: “Mu Mu, wake up!”

After six to seven times, the mummy slowly came to his senses. Cloudy-eyed, he blinked a few times and blankly stared at Zhan Beitian, not knowing whether this was a dream or reality.

Seeing that he was still slightly conscious, he quickly stated: “There’s something wrong with your body. Hurry. Wash your face and get dressed. I’m taking you to the hospital.”

His response time was very slow. After ten seconds, he simply said: “Oh….” He then got up and proceeded to the bathroom to freshen up. Just when he was about to relieve himself, he felt that his pajamas had tightened. He looked down and all of a sudden, his mind became clear. Frightened, he shouted: “Tian! Beitian! Zhan Beitian!! Get in here!!!”

T/N: ZBT’s title is Master General but I don’t want to keep typing it as an honorific all the time. I’ll only use it as I see necessary. When Lu Lin mentioned the surname Mu, he meant 幕 but ZBT confused it for 木.

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  1. Hmmh, if he really has a bun in the oven, I wonder how exactly that works…The mother is zombie, the father human, the child a…magical bead? Maybe an egg? His pregnancy is already scientifically unexplainable, but how will the thing with the child work…Is he actually pregnant…*curious curious*

    Thank you^^

  2. ML: Mr. Mu wake up!
    MC: *snores*
    ML: *eyelid twitches* Mu Mu~ wake up!
    MC: *turns around*
    ML: Wifey wake up~
    MC: *eyes fly open*

  3. Hilarious! Mu Mu pregnant? ML, you should be more tender and take care of him. Really, (⌒.−)=★more love! What will you do when sweet baby will come? I tell you, more supplies XD
    Now seriously, I can’t wait when ML discover MC’s identity, cause Mu Yifan = infuriated Zhan Beitian. But Mu Mu + baby = ? Zhan Beitian. Ψ( `▽´ )Ψ I’m waiting for a dooms day!

    Thank you for your hard work! I hope new chapters will be soon to feed Mu Mu’s and my hunger ☆*。★゚*♪ヾ(☆ゝз・)ノ

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