Oh, My Dear! Chapter 20

唉呀,亲爱的!_ 20.他的文字悲伤一切


Military training proceeded under the hot sun, Guo Zhi’s cheeks were sunburnt bright red, the edge of his camouflage cap constantly leaked sweat and occasionally, he licked his lips to relieve the dryness. He took pleasure in military training not like other people running and generally complaining he thinks military training can improve the health and strengthen the body, very good for health and can fold very neatly [1] this is something to be learned.

[1] People in the military have to fold their blankets very neatly and precisely

The instructor blew the whistle and with one’s hands clasped behind his back: “Attention, stand at ease, rest for 30 minutes, disband.”

Students dispersed, some went to buy things, some went to chat with friends they knew, some simply sat on the ground panting. Guo Zhi took off his coat and put it on his shoulder, he went to the supermarket to buy water and drank it as he headed back, his split vision wandered to a figure underneath a tree not far away.

“Shi Xi!” The voice he uses to call Shi Xi is always so cheerful.

Shi Xi did not reply, he only read.

“You don’t have military training?”

“No need.”


“Because my health is weak.”

Guo Zhi looked at Shi Xi with worry: “What’s wrong with you, can you still treat it?”

“Can’t.” Shi Xi turned a page calmly saying. Even a fool can tell that it was a lie but only Guo Zhi would believe it: “Then what to do? You can’t be too negative there will definitely be some kind of method to cure it. I’ll dial 120 to get the ambulance to pick you up immediately.” Saying this, he felt for his phone, Shi Xi lifted his head already too lazy to scold Guo Zhi and simply revealed: “I’m lying to you.”

Guo Zhi was not angry insead he let out a sigh of relief: “Luckily, it’s great that you don’t have an incurable disease.”

“As expected you really aren’t a species from this world.”

“I am! The aliens on tv do not look like me.”

Shi Xi did not want to continue this meaningless topic of conversation. Guo Zhi stood by Shi Xi’s side watching the young and lively students on the sports ground, they wore unified camouflage uniform laughing and chasing.

“Quickly look at how joyful the world is.”

“I’m not writing a joyful world.”

“But happiness is happiness, can you make it sad?” Guo Zhi did not believe that he could.

Shi Xi reached out moving his finger, Guo Zhi from the camouflage clothing bag felt out for paper and a pen to give to him. He really brought it along! Guo Zhi pointed at a couple chasing and laughing on the sports ground, the male student mischievously pulled the female student’s hair and the female student blushed and chased behind him shouting

Shi Xi quickly wrote on the paper with a poker face and not a while later he gave it to Guo Zhi. Guo Zhi took over the paper. Although the handwriting was hasty and careless Guo Zhi read it without let or hindrance.

【 He has no feelings for her, only  Does he understand her? Will he marry her He won’t, his youth is still endless and what is needed is joy rather than promises. He is now teasing her hair, his eyes were with tenderness, in the future he will break her heart and she will chase behind him but will never be able to catch up to his pace. Her face is now full of shyness, in the future her face will be covered with tears. When he is tired of her chasing he will stop, see others and ignite a desire to chase after another person then the picture will be repeated. But can you blame him for this? Life is originally repetitive so in life every love follows this repetition, together, separate, together, separate, together, separate and die.】

Guo Zhi moved his line of sight from the paper to that frivolous couple, he bit his lip pointing to the Male student who was sat on the ground picking his nose: “How do you want to write about him?” He felt out another piece of paper to give to Shi Xi.not a while later he looked at the paper given to him.

【Everyone’s heart has a city with an empty seat, others can’t come in and one have no way to leave . He sat on the hot ground without feeling, he can’t change his appearance and no one is willing to give him more than a glance. He wanted to attract the attention on others, he hesitated and the pain destroyed his dignity. He lifted his hand to put a finger into his nasal cavity but he suddenly felt that he was very ridiculous, he was even more sad. What can doing this do in return, it’s just mockery and it’s better to stay in his own empty city, only there will no one be able to hurt him. Although it is lonely there, at least being lonely won’t hurt.】

“He was only picking his nose!”

“He picked very sorrowfully.”

“How did he.”

“Don’t be so naive, everyone has their own sorrow only you can’t see it.”

“But everyone also has their own happiness, why don’t you look at it?” Guo Zhi’s question did not receive a reply, Shi Xi only watched the various forms of humankind on the sports ground. They wear the same clothes but in this way they are different.

Guo Zhi’s hands was placed on the tree behind him [2] he continued to say: “Shi Xi, I think that there will be a day where you will write out a beautiful story then warm many many people! The protagonist in the story will be like a fairytale, there will only be one outcome: “From then on they lived a happy life.” Guo Zhi shook his head speaking.

[2] 双手背在身后靠树上

Guo Zhi stood in Shi Xi’s peripheral vision, he (SX) could not see sorrow on Guo Zhi so he had no way to write about Guo Zhi.

The wind was quietly blowing, Shi Xi sat, Guo Zhi stood, they were both underneath the tree. The sunlight passed through the shaded gap on to the ground turning into a variety of shapes like a huge abstract painting. They looked at the same landscape but in their eyes is a different world. However, there will be a day where their world will merge together and as for why, of course it’s because of love!

The next day Hua Gu Yu found Guo Zhi after military class ended, he secretly gave Guo Zhi a rolled up poster.

“Guo Zhi, give you a task”

“What is it?”

“Stick this in Shi Xi’s room.”

“What is this?” Guo Zhi was about to open the poster but was stopped by Hua Gu Yu: “Don’t let others see, they will snatch it away. I especially went to print a personal handsome picture!”

“Hang it in Shi Xi’s room?”

“I already used MeituPic to make it myself more handsome, more perfect.  I want Shi Xi to be jealous.” Hua Gu Yu said gnashing his teeth.

“Will he?”Guo Zhi asked a question.

“He will, he definitely will please.” Hua Gu Yu put on an expression of request, it seems like he understands Guo Zhi a lot.

“Then okay.”

Guo Zhi took the poster and walked out of school. Last time he earnestly remember the route so he found the residence very quickly. He got onto the lift and then knocked on Shi Xi’s door,

Not long after, Shi Xi pulled open the door, his hair wet it seems he had just taken a bath.

“Why are you here?”

“I came to…” Guo Zhi was ready to speak, a lazy voice interrupted him: “Who is here?” This is a woman’s voice, on the bed in the quilt.

Who? Guo Zhi’s chest was rather uncomfortable from the heat in the hot weather. He looked at Shi Xi, could it be that Shi Xi recently started to write H [3] so he found a girl  to study for material? In order to write a story he is likely to do such a thing? But Guo Zhi did not believe, he was still trying to think positively.

[3] erotic novels

“Shi Xi, you, didn’t you say that you didn’t have friends?” He asked in a daze.

The woman’s mouth hooked up, hair messy, she lifted the quilt. She was wearing Shi Xi’s shirt bare legs got up from the bed and looked Guo Zhi up and down, her eyes with a kind of disgust as if to say how would Shi Xi know a person like you. She stood behind Shi Xi and stretched out her hands to pass through Shi Xi’s waist and tightly hugged him putting her face on Shi Xi’s back: “I am not Shi Xi’s friend, I am his wife.”


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