Oh, My Dear! Chapter 21

唉呀,亲爱的!_ 21.这个女人也是主角(上)

This woman is also a protagonist 1/2


“Wi, wife?” Guo Zhi did not dare to believe what he heard, he looked at their intimate movements and all his senses started to to numb. Can he accept it? Isn’t it necessary to accept! Why didn’t Shi Xi tell him? But he has no reason to tell him! His brain kept asking questions and kept answering.

Guo Zhi suddenly : “Sorry, I didn’t know there was someone here. I’ve, I’ve disturbed you. I’ll leave immediately, sorry.” After speaking he but was grabbed by Shi Xi: “Hey.”

“I, I didn’t wreck your family right?”

“Are you an idiot?”

“Shi Xi, Who is he? Unless you’ve betrayed me.” The woman’s anger cannot be uncovered, issuing a sad sound. Shi Xi did not open his mouth to speak, Guo Zhi tried to be the first to speak: “He has never let you down, it’s true. nothing has happened between us.”

“Really? Nothing has happened?” The woman continued to ask.

Guo Zhi Who looked pale thought, suddenly he remember that they once kissed the last time they travelled, he anxiously said: “We only” Shi Xi covered Guo Zhi’s mouth, he probably guessed what he wanted to say.

The woman let go of Shi Xi’s waist, : “Let him speak!”

Shi Xi coldly glanced at the woman: “How long are you going to act for?”

“Hateful, I almost found out.” The woman regrettably said, she immediately looked at the confused Guo Zhi: “Teasing him, I think it’s very fun.”

Shi Xi Let go of Guo Zhi, Guo Zhi breathed staring at the woman issuing a question: “Tease me? Then you aren’t Shi Xi’s wife?” Because he did not pay much attention to due to the impact, he only saw the woman clearly now. The woman was probably twenty, clean and pure appearance with a trace of evil, these two points were a perfect combination.

The woman seriously looked at Guo Zhi: “I am.”

Guo Zhi’s expression changed again, Shi Xi stared at the woman: “Can you shut up.”

“I can’t.”

Guo Zhi was even more confused with the scene in front of him, in the end is she or is she not? The woman watched Guo Zhi’s pitiful appearance: “Shi Xi, your friend’s IQ doesn’t seem to be that high. I say, child with Shi Xi’s age he still can not get married.” Saying it like that seems…Guo Zhi’s appearance somewhat eased he continued to ask: “Then you are?”

The woman : “I am his fiancé.”

Guo Zhi’s appearance returned to its original paleness again, the expression conversion of this face is very quick. Shi Xi ended this slapstick: “She is my little aunt.”

The woman held her hands: “No fun, why did you tell him.”

“Little aunt?” Guo Zhi stared at the woman again seeming to make a final confirmation. The woman picked up the trousers that fell on the ground and wore it in front of the two boys. Fortunately the shirt was long enough to cover the place that shouldn’t be seen, she acted as though there was nobody else present. She came in a hurry last night and did not bring a change of clothing so after bathing she directly wore Shi Xi’s shirt. Shi Xi went to sleep at the school’s bedroom.

“Are you blind? There’s someone standing here.”

“What difference does it make, my beautiful image will only be displayed in front of my beloved man. If I pretended to be shy and pretended to be pure then you should be careful.”

Shi Xi was too lazy to bother with the woman and looked at Fuo Zhi: “What’s up.”

“Oh right, Hua’er told me to hang this poster in your room.’ Guo Zhi gave the just crumpled poster to Shi Xi. Shi Xi accepted the poster and directly threw it into the rubbish bin: “You can leave.” Guo Zhi’s character cannot stay together with a woman, his innocence cannot bear a woman.

‘Why are you making him leave? You called me to come all the way saying that you’re dying and the result is you needed material. You really are an intimate nephew, I’m very touched.” The woman gnashes as she continued to say: “do you know how painful it is to leave my beloved person, everyday the body feels as though it is being stabbed by numerous knives,”

“Why can’t I see you cut dead?”

“What can I do, love has nourished my life force.“ [1] the woman shameless said, she moved towards Guo Zhi who has been outside of the situation. [2] she tilted her head: “Hi, little friend my name is Dan Ju.”

[1] 爱情把我的生命力滋润的很旺盛 I could not think of a way to phrase this.

[2] Basically she’s messing around and Shi Xi knows it and only Guo Zhi is innocent/naive enough to believe everything she says.

“I’m called Guo Zhi.” Guo Zhi respectfully said with a slight bow because Dan Ju is his elder

“You like Shi Xi right?” Dan Ju directly uttered making Guo Zhi almost petrified. He took a step back, wiped his face and said in a panic: “I, I do not!”

“You dare to say you don’t! Our family will absolutely not allow such a thing!” Dan Ju seriously said.

Guo Zhi’s face frowned: “I didn’t do it on purpose, really.”

“Are you not finished?” Shi Xi rolled his eyes at Dan Ju.

“I don’t have such a people’s attributes by my side, of course I have to tease.” Guo Zhi in Dan Ju’s eyes is cute and sometimes he is a good person to bully. Dan Ju was itching to ravage, maybe its related to her childhood education. She continued to say: “Don’t worry, little friend I am very open-minded. Liking boys this kind of small matter I can accept.”

Guo Zhi’s eyes opened wide, thinking that he heard wrong he carefully looked at Dan Ju’s expression, her expression is like her as she says. Guo Zhi’s face suddenly became cheerful like he met virgin mary: “You, you really don’t mind that I like boys?”

“What is there to mind, isn’t it just liking boys? I also like boys, our hobbies is the same.”

“But I am a boy, you won’t think that linking a boy is very serious?”

“Very serious?” Dan Ju touched her chin, she has never thought that a boy and a boy being together needs surprise and puzzlement, she replied in a murmur: “Probably related to An an  kindergarten’s education right? Shi Xi.” Dan Ju charged at Shi Xi in the blink of an eye, Shi Xi overlooked Dan Ju’s gaze and opened his notebook: I don’t want to mention.”

“That year, I spent a lot of effort to persuade your mum to let you go there, are you not grateful to me?”

“I said I didn’t want to mention.”

“What about it? Was you harshly tormented by the teacher?” Dan Ju laughed, she suffered pain so o course she will not let her nephew go. That year she told Shi Xi’s mum that the school cultivated the era of excellence on a large campus to enable students to be more open-minded. The elegant surroundings made the students manners more elegant, it had advanced facilities and high quality education with gentle teachers that are very fond of thoughtful students. In reality, this was all dog shit, the school wasn’t a nightmare the teachers were a nightmare.

Shi Xi rolled his eyes and Dan Ju, Dan Ju turned to grab Guo Zhi’s shoulder who didn’t understand anything: “Little friend, since it’s boring anyways take me to tour your school.”

“I advise you not to do something stupid.” Shi Xi’s warning was for Guo Zhi.

Guo Zhi earnestly said: “But I want to take..how should I call you? If I call you Jie jie it’s inappropriate, if I call you aunt it’s even more inappropriate.”

“You can call me maiden, lady, beauty.” Dan Ju shamelessly said.

“But I want to take maiden to visit.”

Shi Xi stared at Guo Zhi: “You’re seeking death.”

“But maiden is obviously a good person, she also doesn’t think that I’m weird!” Guo Zhi seems to think that people who don’t hate homosexuals are all good natured good people.

“Do you hear? I am a good person.” Dan Ju has never heard someone praise her in such a way in this life. She patted Guo Zhi’s rear and looked at Shi Xi: “Hey Shi Xi what are you waiting for? I think that Guo Zhi isn’t bad, you can press him on the bed and poke him.” Once the words went out, Shi Xi ahd no reaction. This was the first time Guo Zhi had heard such words, he blushed and covered his ears: “Maiden, you, you what are you saying?!”



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