Number One Zombie Wife – Chapter 21

This Defies Science

Zhan Beitian heard his scream and his expression turned serious. He speedily strode towards the bathroom.

He only saw Mu Yifan with his left hand lifting his nightshirt and a finger from his right hand pointing at his belly. Mu Yifan whimpered: “Take…. take a look.”

Zhan Beitian swept a glance from his face to his belly. His protruding belly was as big as a five to six month’s!

He couldn’t help but be stunned.

“My proud abdomen is gone!”

Mu Yifan dejectedly whined. Even though his taut abdominal muscles weren’t exactly his, he still loved this body very much. It wasn’t like his real life body which was overly skinny and no matter how much he trained, he couldn’t produce anything.

Zhan Beitian: ….

This wasn’t the main issue at hand, okay?!

“I didn’t move for four days only. How could I have gotten so fat?! This defies science.”

He believed that this must be the doing of the Qingtian Bead. If not, how could an ordinary person’s belly have swollen up so fast?

“AH!” Mu Yifan suddenly loudly screamed.

Following Mu Yifan’s scream, Zhan Beitian’s heart consequently skipped a beat. His mood then sunk and asked: “What are you screaming about?”

Mu Yifan nervously said: “I…. I think I felt something moving in my stomach.”

Zhan Beitian deeply furrowed his brows: “Something moving?”

“Yeah! Ah! It moved again!” Mu Yifan rubbed his belly and excitedly exclaimed: “It really did! If you don’t believe me, touch it for yourself!”

Zhan Beitian stared at his round belly, his face written with doubt.

Mu Yifan’s skin tone wasn’t considered fair, but in his navel was a red mark. It was very brightly colored, like a drop of blood.

“Look! It just moved again! Hey, what’s the matter?” Mu Yifan worriedly looked at Zhan Beitian.

Zhan Beitian snapped back to reality and eyed the nervous Mu Yifan. He raised his hand and placed it on his belly. Five seconds later, it suddenly moved.

Dazed for a moment, he then quickly retracted his hand. He felt strange but curious at the same time. It was a complicated feeling.

Zhan Beitian rubbed his forehead: “We’d better go to the hospital for a checkup.”

Mu Yifan swiftly responded: “I’m not going to that quack’s hospital.”

“I have a friend who works at G City’s military hospital. I’m taking you there. In the mean time, hurry and get changed. I’ll wait for your downstairs.” He spoke as he headed out out of the room. He took out his cell phone, gave his friend a call, and told him the overall situation. Ten minutes later, Mu Yifan walked down, still in his pajamas. He bitterly explained: “My belly’s too big. I can’t even put the pants on. Same with the top.”

“….” Zhan Beitian grabbed his car keys: “This is fine.”

When they arrived at the hospital, it was already an hour past. Mu Yifan, like usual, fell asleep. Zhan Beitian looked at his familiar sleepy face and decided not to wake him up. He gently carried him out and went up to his friend’s office. Sitting behind the desk was a polished-looking man. Zhan Beitian whispered: “Qinyang.”

Shen Qinyang raised his head, looked at the man in Zhan Beitian’s arms, and was bewildered: “He’s sleeping again?”


Zhan Beitian laid the person on the bed. Afterwards, he spoke to Shen Qinyang about Mu Yifan’s condition, including his gunshot wound and bone cancer.

After hearing everything, Shen Qinyang lowered his voice: “His condition is a bit abnormal. His bone cancer may be the cause.”

Zhan Beitian pursed his lips and said: “I want you to give him an ultrasound first.”

Shen Qinyang strangely looked at him.

Zhan Beitian’s cold demeanor slightly cracked, revealing helplessness across his handsome face: “Don’t be too shocked if you happen to see anything later.”

T/N: The baby could’ve gone through the 9 months of pregnancy but it didn’t want to. You’ll find out how and why later in the middle of the story.

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  1. Holy cow.. it really is a baby.
    i know this novel was mpreg but seeing/reading it for oneself and confirming that it IS indeed mpreg is a different matter shook. o_o hory shet its also just 4 days pregnancy?! Hes not ready omgomgomgomg

    Thank you for sacrificing your time to translate this novel. Please know that i greatly appreciate it. ♡ *hugs*

    • Thanks! It’s not that bad. A chapter takes an hour or less but editing takes a bit longer. I’m aiming for 5 ch/wk (any given day, any given time).

  2. Im imagining a very chaotic domestic life for them.. can they even take care of the child properly?

    O.O *looks at naive parent 1*
    *looks at parent 2 who seems like he could be a good responsible father but also seems to regret ever meeting parent 1*

    ._. Theres only chaos bruh.

  3. The Baby is coming!
    Is Mu Mu still wearing his bandage-mask? Cause that ‘sleepy face’ is a bit misleading for me…
    Hehehehehe, I’m waiting for a face reveal! That scene must be precious. Oh, we can’t forget about Shen Qinyang. “Don’t be too shocked if you happen to see anything later.” – next chapter will be fun!

    Thank you for your hard work!

  4. I guess it is taking it slowly so as to not kill the mommy?

    Ever see the movie Species? Well, it is really the sequel that shows it goes from no baby to bursting out a baby in a few hours or less. Lol

  5. cancer is more cells, can the baby have eaten the extra cells and used it for his nutrition?
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    9 month to 9 days 0 – 0
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