Number One Zombie Wife – Chapter 22

Who’s the Child’s Other Father?

Night had fallen. Not many hospital patients needed ultrasound. Since Shen Qinyang was the chief physician, he wheeled Mu Yifan straight into the room to perform the scan. Zhan Beitian followed behind.

At Zhan Beitian’s request, he scanned Mu Yifan’s protruding belly. Afterwards, he finally realized why Zhan Beitian had told him not to be too shocked.

“God! He’s clearly a man yet with no uterus, he’s able to carry a child!!! From the size, it seems that it’s about five months old. Also, not only is this fetus surviving, it’s very healthy! This is completely unexplainable by medicine!”

Shen Qinyang’s face was full of doubt. When he looked at Mu Yifan, his eyes sparkled as if he was looking at a piece of treasure, as if he couldn’t wait to dissect him.

Zhan Beitian deeply furrowed his brows. Before coming here, he had already guessed Mu Yifan’s condition but to actually hear a man being five months pregnant…. It wasn’t just shock that he felt.

It was only a few days ago during checkup that the previous doctor had said that the baby was three months. How did it suddenly become five months?!

“Are you sure that it’s five months old?”

“Of course! Besides nausea, vomiting, and preference for sour foods, isn’t he sleeping a lot? These are all normal symptoms of a pregnancy.”

With mixed feelings, he looked at the fetus shown on the monitor. At this point in time, he was very sure that the fetus was the Qingtian Bead; otherwise, why would a man get pregnant for no reason and within this short period, it quickly grew from three months to five months?

Conflicted, he turned to look at Mu Yifan’s fully wrapped face. He really couldn’t understand why the Qingtian Bead chose to stay inside this person.

“Right…. So who’s the child’s other father? How come I don’t see him here with you guys?” Shen Qinyang curiously looked up at Zhan Beitian.

Zhan Beitian’s face stiffened and tightly pursed his lips in silence.

He wanted to say that this fetus was really the transformation of a bead but his good friend definitely wouldn’t believe him.

If he were to say that the other father had never existed, then that’d be even more impossible! If there was no one contributing the sperms, how could there suddenly be a child in the belly?!

Of course, he could have named any random man but that would ruin Mu Mu’s reputation. Not to mention, if he was to seriously explain himself, he couldn’t deny the connection between him and this fetus. After all, he used his blood to nurture the Qingtian Bead. In a way, he and this fetus were connected by blood.

Thinking about a man carrying his own child, he grew frustrated and also felt…. queer.

After a long silence from his friend, Shen Qinyang then widened his eyes: “This child wouldn’t be yours, right?!”

Zhan Beitian kept quiet.

From his expression, Shen Qinyang could only assume that he tacitly agreed. Incredulous, he interrogated: “Beitian, didn’t you like women? How could you suddenly do this with a man? If your Grandfather were to know of this, he would execute you!”

Zhan Beitian furrowed his brows again. Not wanting to explain, he simply asked: “Can you extract the fetus? Or abort it.”

He thought that if the fetus was to be taken out now, it would turn back into a bead.

But the moment his words had been spoken, the person on the bed abruptly curled up. He groaned in pain: “Hurts….”

Mu Yifan was still in dreamland when his abdomen suddenly radiated an agonizing pain. He quickly opened his eyes, bit down on his pale lips, and clutched his belly.

Shen Qinyang whispered in Zhan Beitian’s ear: “The child inside wouldn’t have heard that you didn’t want him so he began to fuss, right?”

Zhan Beitian coldly glared at him but didn’t refute him either.

Last time when the doctor said to abort the child, Mu Mu also clutched his belly and cried out in pain. Seeing that Mu Yifan was about to roll off the bed, he turned to Shen Qinyang: “Just pretend that I didn’t say what I had just said.”

Mu Yifan then instantly felt the pain dissipate. His whole body lay weakly on the bed.

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes.

From the look of things, the Qingtian Bead wasn’t willing to come out.

If it didn’t want to, then no other methods would work.

Mu Yifan looked around the ultrasound room and then his gaze rested on Zhan Beitian’s body. He feebly asked: “Is the checkup complete? What’s wrong with my body?”

Why did his belly hurt so much that he wanted to die and then suddenly not hurt? Also, it came fast and went away fast.

Zhan Beitian didn’t respond.

Shen Qinyang eyed his good friend and smiled: “Sir, you’re carrying….”

“Qinyang, step out with me.” Zhan Beitian interrupted him.

“Uh, okay.” Shen Qinyang, regretful that he couldn’t complete his sentence, turned and walked out.

Mu Yifan, lying on the bed, stared at their backs as they left and his thoughts drifted.


Shen Qinyang?!


Why did these characters in his novel have to look exactly like the real life people whose names he borrowed from, particularly his childhood friend and their group of friends?!! Just like how Zhan Beitian looked like his childhood friend and how Shen Qinyang looked like his childhood friend’s best friend!

Outside of the room, Shen Qinyang lowered his voice: “Beitian, you didn’t hide news of his pregnancy from him, did you? You may be able to hide it for a now but you can’t hide it when he’s ready to give birth….”

Zhan Beitian answered: “By that time, even if he doesn’t want to, he has to.”

Shen Qinyang: ….

Zhan Beitian swept a glance across the empty corridor and quietly spoke: “Qinyang, immediately quit your job tomorrow or take a leave and go back to B City.”

Shen Qinyang quizzically asked: “Why should I quit or leave?”

Zhan Beitian’s expression darkened: “I can’t tell you the truth right now.”

Shen Qinyang knew that his friend wouldn’t convince him to quit or leave without a good reason. He probably said this because he got wind of something from the military.

“Immediately quitting isn’t possible but I can definitely take a leave. How many days?”

“One month.”

Shen Qingyang, figuring that he hadn’t taken a proper break in many years, nodded and agreed: “Alright. I’ll go back to B City after I finish tomorrow’s surgery.”

“After you get back, get Junlin and the others to buy as much grain as you can and store them in your houses. The more, the better. As for the rest, let me make a confirmation first and then I’ll tell you guys what to do next.”


Zhan Beitian sank into silence again. His usually calm eyes flashed with slight uneasiness.

Shen Qinyang had never seen this side of Zhan Beitian before. He teased him: “Judging by your expression, I take it that you want to tell me something?”

Zhan Beitian lightly coughed: “Ahem. Can you give me a few books related to the topic of pregnancy?”

Shen Qinyang laughed loudly, echoing across the empty corridor: “Hahahaha! Zhan Beitian, you finally got what’s coming to you! Are you worried that you don’t know how to take care of your male wifey?”

Zhan Beitian’s mood grew darker.

His relationship with Mu Mu wasn’t like that. The reason why he needed those books was because of the Qingtian bead. It concerned his pocket dimension!

Shen Qinyang stopped laughing and grew serious: “I need to remind you. His pregnancy is an extremely strange one. Maybe the child will die inside. More importantly, he has bone cancer. Not to mention, he doesn’t have a reproductive channel. When it’s time, a C-section delivery must be performed. You need to prepare the equpiment.”

He then smirked: “I’m just curious as to how you got the baby inside.”

If the man inside wasn’t Zhan Beitian’s wife, he really wanted to kidnap him and lock him inside his lab for research.

Zhan Beitian glared at him: “You want me to demonstrate for you using your own body?”

Shen Qinyang chuckled nervously: “So…. do you want me to run some tests on his cancer?”

“No need. He has his own family doctor.”

“Then I’ll go and get you the books. Wait for me downstairs.”

Zhan Beitian returned to the room and declared: “Let’s go.”

Still in a daze, Mu Yifan then quickly snapped out of it and got down from the bed: “Did the doctor tell you what I have?”

Zhan Beitian coolly replied: “Abdominal distension.”

“Abdominal distension?!” Mu Yifan didn’t believe it: “Can’t be! I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with my abdomen. Are you lying to me?”

Then again, abdominal distension could lead to vomiting and the swelling of one’s belly. But how would that explain his constant lethargy???

Zhan Beitian ignored him and headed downstairs.

Mu Yifan figured that Zhan Beitian had no reason to lie so he just went along with it.

On the ground floor, Zhan Beitian told him to first get in the car and wait.

A few minutes later, Shen Qinyang carried a bag out the doors and handed it to Zhan Beitian.

Once he got in the car, he threw the bag to the backseat and swiftly drove away.

From his passenger’s seat, Mu Yifan slightly turned his head and looked behind him. Using the dim streelights that shone through the window, he saw a bag full of books. “Pregnant” was written on one of the covers. He wondered what that was about.


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  1. ‘Pregnant’, hmmm… Oh, I know! It’s about martial arts! Art of fertilization! The mysterious ways of having a baby with male wifey! Pampering your male wifey sutra! ALL of it and even more in this one book. Limited edition with “How help your beloved stay in denial?”! Buy now and get “My wife is my (ex-?) archenemy. How not to strangle him?” brochure for free!

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  2. lololol,

    I can already see the future,
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