Blood Contract – Volume 1 Chapter 3

Deep into the Night

The sky and the sea were dark. The orlop deck didn’t allow lighting so it was pitch black when night had fallen. The ones in charge of the night shift were the old slaves. The new slaves, on the other hand, had to accept darkness’s baptism.

The ship was divided into three compartments. To avoid the cargo getting damp, the first level was the hold. The second level was the ‘not for sale goods’ which were the so-called ‘lifetime’ boatmen, deckhands, and sailors. Most of them were the bosses of the slave gangs. The last level, the orlop deck, was the dampest and darkest. This was where the new slaves lived.

Twenty to thirty of the new slaves huddled in a small corner. The timid ones were already crying silently. The others with fine faces were taken by the ‘lifetime’ and ‘not for sale goods’ members to enjoy the beautiful night away. Darkness was good for camouflaging. Any ugly filthy things could happen right under its nose.

“Help! No! Mmph….”


“Just kill me already. Kill me! Aah….”

“Huff huff. So good! So amazing! You naughty little slut. You little whore. You like it just as much, don’t you? Hmm?”

“No…. Hah hah aaaah….”

“Hey, ya loose fat fuck! Move your thing away! It just touched me.”

“Dear Olli, what’s the matter? It likes ya.”

“Pft, wrong person. Come near me again and I’ll break it off!”

“Don’t don’t don’t. Ya know, it’s too dark. I can’t see anything.”

“Just find another hole to stick it into except mine!!!”

The sounds of lust echoed throughout the entire deck. The disgusting smell of cheap musk mixed with blood made Zero nauseous but he had nothing left to vomit because of the meal ban.

Rather than worry about vomiting, he should be more concerned about escaping the clutches of these filthy horny beasts. Zero was agile and he was already used to training in the dark. With this type of darkness, he wasn’t worried at all. Until now, he was safe. Someone earlier had tried to take advantage of him but he accurately punched away, breaking his nose.

The night grew darker. Nothing could be seen yet Zero felt calm. To him, being in the dark was better than doing that ‘thing’. Anybody who got close to him would undoubtedly be beaten.

Slowly, fewer people neared him. Zero knew that this was the peak hour where everybody was enjoying their happy time. No one bothered with him, making him the most ‘idle’ in all of the orlop deck.

He closed his eyes. Although his body was resting, his mind remained on high alert. Probably because he was too tired, his thoughts drifted to the incident that happened a month ago.

B.M. Saad. With extravagance in the background, this man stood in the boundless darkness, making him seem more mysterious and charming. With his attractive face and his wealth, he was the object of pursuit among many ladies. However, this man…. He had no clan support and no business background. It could be said that his past was a blank sheet. Yet, this man, with his massive fortune, was able to secure his position in the ever-changing upper-class society.

These weren’t even issues. The problem was that over the many years, his competitors had sent numerous hitmen after him but none were able to even touch him. He literally became a legendary figure in the business world. No matter how skilled the killer was, nobody had ever escaped from his hands. As a result, Zero’s father, leader of ‘Darkness’, personally sent him out on this mission.

“Little kitty, your claws are very sharp but I like it.” Saad smiled wickedly. His black, tailored tuxedo perfectly suited him, as if he was born for the darkness.

Zero calculated that his chances of killing the target were under five percent. Therefore, abandon mission!

At that moment, he quickly turned around and rolled sideways into the grass. He readied his silencer and unhesitatingly opened fire directly at Saad.

However, just when the bullet seemingly hit him, the man disappeared. Zero’s heart skipped a beat. It was already too late to defend. He didn’t know when Saad had stood behind him.

Zero relied on his sharp instinct and quickly moved out of the way. Just when he was about to open fire again, the gun was already in the man’s hands. It wasn’t until then that Zero believed in the existence of non-humans.

“Little kitty, you’re definitely very skilled but too bad. Your opponent is me.” The man arrogantly and coldly narrowed his eyes and then teasingly licked Zero’s ear.

As an assassin, his body was more sensitive than that of an average person’s. Zero instinctively shuddered but then quickly relaxed.

Saad playfully observed his reaction  his ability to self-defend yet relaxing himself to reduce harm to its lowest after finding out that he had no chance of resisting. Indeed, this was the result of a high-class trained assassin. With such skills at such a young age, a person like this was hard to come by.

He chuckled. “Babe, I like you a lot. How about you follow me from now on?”

“What are you?” Zero finally opened his mouth for the first time and latched onto the main point. He wasn’t like those typical people who denied the existence of non-humans.

“What am I?” Saad laughed heartily and blinked his eyes at him. He then asked, “How about you take a guess?”

Zero maintained his silence because he didn’t like guessing.

Saad didn’t intend to explain anything either. He immobilized Zero with one hand while the other wandered all over him. His tongue was busily dancing on Zero’s body and unwilling to part, just like a dog to a bone.

At this point in time, Zero was like an obedient, gentle cat who nestled in his arms, allowing him to do whatever he wanted. Even his body’s response was very honest.

Saad was very satisfied with the kitten’s performance. He even spoke sweet nothings.

“Babe, you’re very beautiful.”

“I like you a lot, you cute little thing.”

“Relax. That’s right. Just like this. Don’t be nervous. I won’t hurt you.”

“Responding already, hm? Little one, you feel good, don’t you?”

Zero lay on the ground and quietly accepted it. Mentally, he was counting down the seconds…. 10, 9, 8, 7,…, 2, 1, 0!

[BOOM!] A loud bang sounded. The explosion blew the wall into rolling clouds of dust…. It turned out that Zero wasn’t aiming for Saad but the explosives hidden in the grass behind him.

Because of the explosion, Zero was able to break free of Saad’s grasp. However, he had miscalculated the force of the explosion and had broken his arm in the process.

Just as he was about to make for his escape, the air around him suddenly swirled and he was drawn in. When he opened his eyes again, he was already in another world!


Under the screaming cries, heavy breathing, and the sound of naked flesh slamming each other [pah pah pah squish squish], a faint but sudden [squeak] sound attracted Zero’s attention.

The hatch was open. Because the orlop deck was too dark, that tiny amount of light could easily be discovered but because everyone was focused on bodily pleasure, they paid no heed.

When Zero saw that light, he cursed, “Damn it!” He then nimbly and swiftly dashed for the hatch, pulled the person down, and quickly closed it.

“What are you doing here?” Zero lowered his voice and asked. Even though there weren’t any emotional expressions in his question, it was exactly this flat tone that reflected Zero’s anger.

Angelo sweetly and innocently chuckled. “I came here to find you. Thank goodness that you’re alright. I heard them say that here….”

“Why?” Zero cut him off, suddenly alert and suspicious.

“Because I’m worried.”


“Because we’re friends!”

Speechless. Was he retarded?

“I don’t know who gave you the key and why he did it, but you’d better quickly leave.” Zero suppressed the rage that was boiling inside of him.

“You leave with me.”


“Leave? Oh no no no. Babe, since you’re here, why don’t you join our party?”

Zero felt the presence of three men around them.

Angelo froze in shock.

“Yo, this voice, it’s the new little ‘white sheep’. This time, we’ve earned it!”

“Paito, will it be a problem if we devour the ‘white sheep’?

“You wuss, what ya afraid of? He came down here by himself. I didn’t do nuthin. Yo, anyone who else saw it? Anyone? No one? Not my problem!”

“That’s right! It’s too dark here so we ain’t see nuthin. He came here himself. Not our fault!” The men cackled and one even disgustingly smacked his lips.

Zero inwardly screamed, “Fuck this!”

He didn’t know if his face had been revealed in front of these men when he was in the light. If he made a move now, would he be exposed?

Angelo was a special good a child boy toy. Although there was a defined rule stating that slaves could not damage ‘white sheep’, this situation was difficult to say.

“Aah! You disgusting people! Let go of me!”

Zero sighed heavily. This bothersome little prick!

Just then, his sigh attracted another group of unsatisfied men.


T/N: Sorry, I have no idea how to translate sfx’s. In Chinese, xxx is [puchi puchi]. Also don’t worry. Nothing will happen to Angelo. He’s not what he seems.


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