Number One Zombie Wife – Chapter 23

Damn It!

Zhan Beitian noticed Mu Yifan staring at the backseat: “What are you looking at?”

He turned his gaze away: “Why did your friend give you a bunch of books? Didn’t he prescribe me any medications?”

“What medication?”

“To treat abdominal distension.”

“….” He coldly eyed Mu Yifan’s bandaged face: “You’re allergic. There’s no medication.”

Mu Yifan’s words were stuck in his throat.

Damn it!

Why did he have to use the allergy excuse?! If he knew that it was going to be like this, then he would’ve just said that it was a facial injury.

Just great! There was no medication and he still had to carry this giant belly.

He caressed his swollen abdomen. Depressed, he asked: “Then did your friend say when it will go away?”

He looked like an ugly middle-aged man with a beer belly.

Come to think of it, why was he in such a miserable state? What did he do wrong? Why transmigrate into his own story?

Mu Yifan couldn’t help but think about the event that had transpired prior to transmigration.

He clearly remembered that just when he had finished writing “King of the Apocalypse”, his childhood friend Zhan Beitian came to him and told him that he and his sister had decided to marry each other next month.

He was momentarily stunned but then quickly congratulated him.

However, Zhan Beitian became extremely unhappy. He coldly responded: “Besides congratulations, is there nothing else in that head of yours?”

He thought again and enthusiastically replied: “Perfect timing! My novel has also just been completed. Let’s go out to celebrate!”

Zhan Beitian’s expression suddenly darkened: “Go celebrate with that protagonist from your book instead.”

After he had spoken, he left and slammed the door shut.

On that same night, he magically transmigrated into his novel.

Until now, he still had no idea what Zhan Beitian was so angry about.

Could it have been??? Because of Zhan Beitian’s words, he had come here?

Zhan Beitian calculated the growth period of the Qingtian Bead and said: “Probably in a month’s time.”

If in one night, it grew to be three months old and four days later, it grew to be five months old, then it should probably take eight days to reach seven months and another sixteen to birth the child.

Of course, this was just his estimation. He wasn’t completely sure when the Qingtian Bead was willing to come out.

After hearing Zhan Beitian, he almost jumped out of his seat: “ONE MONTH?!! That long?! Isn’t it just abdominal distension? Why one month for it to deflate?”

Fine then.

He had been eating more than usual and after he ate, he went straight to sleep. No wonder why his belly had swollen.

Under the condition of no medications, one month seemed normal.

Zhan Beitian flatly asked: “Got a problem?”

Mu Yifan shook his head: “No problem.”


It wasn’t ‘no problem’. The problem was huge!

He originally wanted to gain the male lead’s trust but instead lay on bed for four straight days! He didn’t get to interact with him at all. He now had only twenty days left. Could he still gain his trust and eventually kill him when he let his guard down?

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  1. 😘 There’s nod to the real world in this chapter that those of you who know the ending should take note of (no spoilers, of course)~! But it’s great for the readers re-reading this. 💖💗💕 Much love to Bee (and Polarbearadise for hosting) these lovely chapters~

  2. Oh boy….. don’t tell me that the when the original ZBT said that he was going to marry MYF’s sister it was a lie and that he just wanted MYF to recognize his feelings and thus progress their relationship… but now is late and he really is with his book’s protagonist….
    Thanks for the chapter! <3

  3. Oh RL ZBT, did u expect hed cry into your arms when you said that pfft. That only happens in novels.

    RL ZBT goes into RL MYF’s room, cuz after days of finding him he still couldnt and sees the completed novel, and notices that the plot was different (cuz surely MYF will blabber about the novel to him , maybe he got annoyed cuz everyday thats always what they talk about) and he realizes that MYF really DID go inside the novel and was jealous that hes carrying someone else’s child xD

  4. Awww.. now what will happen to the real ZBT? Poor him.. aaah I wonder if the real ZBT would also transmigrate? Hahaha oh noes

    Thanks so much for the chapter!!~

  5. Sounds like BFF wanted the author to confess his love in a jealous rage. And somehow cursed him to be with his love rival?

  6. finally he remembers, you have plenty of time to do him in later but will you? lol
    RL ZBT? really!? what? I shook!!!!! who the heck gets married so soon?!
    RL Tian and Yifan was definitely in love, aww puppy …. that’s why Yifan can’t kill him
    RL Tian, you’re still the best (for now)
    dammit, I want to read this to finish now…….= _ =a

    • Actually ZBT is older than MYF by 6 years. I believe their exact ages are 22 and 28. Very minor spoiler from the end chapters.

      • Oh, I meant him and Yifan’s (i think) sister
        from what I gather they just get up one morning, and was like, ‘let’s get married, exactly one month from now’ that’s crazy..!
        I didn’t get a hint RL ZBT has anyone at all before this– all that preparation, wedding’s not a simple dinner party! 0 A 0
        (anyway everyone and their grandma knows RL ZBT was fishing for reaction)
        thanks for that detail, older doting ML is very heartthrob-y~
        I hope we get a glimpse of their childhood together!

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