The World is a bit sweet v2 ch 12 1/2

The World is a bit sweet v2 ch 12 1/2

[Translator’s note] I have split this chapter in to two parts because it’s 6 pages long and i’m still translating the last page. It is usually only four or four and a quarter pages long but this chapter was extremely and excruiatingly long. I will try to post the next part either tomorrow or tuesday.


世界有点甜_NO.2 全是因为你 It’s all because of you


Recently slanderous gossip swept the whole campus again, it’s all because Chen Ge had unexpectedly increased the fixed distance between a girl. In the past there had undoubtedly been no exceptions made and fair play, [1]  he politely rejected all invitations. To this, there is a lot of conjecture at school but it by no means has it affected his popularity, their resentment will only be centered on the legendary girlfriend.

[1] This just means that everyone could equally go near him and have a crush on him; includes men and women but nothing more

Mo Ka turned on the TV and tore open a bag of potato chips, he read a book for the whole day and occasionally he rewarded himself with food and drinks. Hao Shuai ran back from outside: “The sports meeting is tomorrow I signed up to the triathlon, what about you?”

“I have no interest in these things, female student’s chest shaking on the sports ground no longer attracts my attention.”

“That’s right, it’s now male students swaying their below that should appeal to you.”

Mo Ka grabbed a handful of potato chips and threw it towards Hao Shaui: “You speak less about me there, participating in sports activities will make you think that you have a proper sense of pride or dignity in reality you’re just person who has a head but no brain, a useless person no better than a handicap with completely fine limbs.”

“Mo Ka you dare talk about me like that be careful or I’ll find Chen Ge to cure you.”

“He can cure me?!” Mo Ka sneered gnawing the potato chips like he was venting something. To the end whether Chen Ge can cure him or not he himself can not understand.

“Come and cheer up for me tomorrow, raise some enthusiasm for me and let Gao Shan Shan see my dashing appearance on the sports ground.” Hao Shuai’s nose was almost blowing out air, a must have appearance.

“I recently need to seize the time to study.” Mo Ka refused without thinking like the places with  sea of people, it’s better not to go as much or it’ll only bring trouble to himself.

“Yi? Looks like you still don’t know that Chen Ge is also participating.”

“A cold person like him will participate in such a enthusiastic event? Don’t lie to me.”

“Are you kidding me? And you had intercourse with him, even a stranger knows more than you. You like him so much, it’s almost been half a year, what else do you know? What does he like to eat? What is his favourite colour? How old is he? How many family members does he have? Don’t tell me that you don’t even know these.” Hao Shuai really reproved Mo Ka. Mo Ka felt increasingly insignificant.

“These, even if I didn’t know these it’s no big deal. I’ve explained that I like him, there is completely no other requirement.”

“It’s really fancy that you can say that out loud, I see that you are too obtuse. Well I’ll ask you another question.” Hao Shuai pointed at Mo Ka.


“Where is Chen Ge’s classroom?”

“This, that, I…” Mo Ka who was instantly depressed felt that he is still indeed not qualified to be Chen ge’s lover. Normally he also doesn’t go ask and does not go to his classroom. If it’s said like this he only knows that he likes Chen Ge, to his understanding he does not know as much as those female students. Mo Ka put the last potato chip into his mouth then threw the empty packet.

“You actually don’t even know this one, I simply admire you so much that I almost kneeled down for you.”

“Then you kneel.”

“Do you think I am stupid? Go wash, you’re sweating after running. Someone like you who doesn’t like sports, I think in another ten years you will become an old man [2] who is bald and has a beer belly.”

[2] 欧吉桑 uncle (Japanese loanword, respectful appellation for any older man) /older man/ man of mature years (Japanese loanword)

“None of your business.”

Mo Ka casually attached two sentences, his mind was still thinking about what Hao Shuai just said. With regards to Chen Ge he still wants to know more, not only things that others knows he wants to also know things that others don’t know.

The morning of the sports meet, the whole campus resounded the <Military Anthem of the People’s Liberation Army> just one song over and over again from elementary school to university. Students elbowed their way through the sports ground. Even if they are not united during class normally, at this point they are here to cheer for their own class just like Chinese people will fight with Chinese people but if a foreigner cursed that Chinese people are pigs then they will certainly rise together and expel them.

Mo Ka also followed the crowd to the sports ground, without selfish motives it is impossible. Besides wanting to see Chen ge it’s just wanting to see Chen Ge. Conveniently supposing that he returns with last place it will taunt him severely and frustrate him.

The position between the third year’s and First year’s was very distant they were simply scattered to the four corners of the earth. First is outdoor competition then the indoor, in the past he (Mo Ka) was always in the corner but today he chose to sit on the front row near the racetrack. All around were girls quarrelling with each other, eating melon seeds and playing with their phones. Not long after, the space was forcibly occupied by snack packets.

The bottle of mineral water in Mo Ka’s hands had half left, his eyes were fixed on the centre of the field. Chen Ge was stood there wearing a coat and shorts underneath, a fresh and cool and warm feeling existed side by side. His perfect facial features was worthy of his well-proportioned figure making people envious. Mo Ka himself looked until he lost focus, it was the first time that Mo Ka saw such a bright Chen Ge and so he could not help but look more. Everytime he took another look he would fall into the enemy’s hands even harder.

Chen Ge’s class already has many girls holding towels and water to wait for action after having accumulated energy. Of course they will not let such a big opportunity slip, you squeeze me I push you.

Mo Ka was rolling his eyes in the distance, his mind was whispering in a low voice: “Che, is he really that popular? These girls are simply the “good-looks club” [3] despise, strongly despise.

[3] people who attach great importance to a person’s appearance (pun on 外貿協會|外贸协会 foreign trade association)

Don’t despise others, when he himself sees Chen Ge’s face does he not drool over him.

The first to start is the group of first years, Mo Ka thought Chen Ge at most would have picked almost 100 metres. His body compared to Hao Shuai’s piece of obvious muscle is a lot worse but after 1500m had finished he still did not see Chen Ge’s figure. Mo Ka scorned even more: “He wouldn’t have chosen 5000m right? Isn’t this obviously to let me see a joke?”

Rather than talking about Mo Ka who came to cheer it’s better to look at Chen Ge make a fool of himself to find some psychological balance.

That earsplitting voice(s) from the girl(s) who was/were eating melon seeds a moment ago quietened down, those who were playing with their phones also stopped playing and those who were eating snacks also stopped eating. [3] Each and everyone’s gaze were frightening like a yellow weasel: “The next round is Chen Ge’s, when he runs this side our class definitely needs to be the loudest we cant lose to other classes.”

[3] I put (s) cos like it doesn’t specify who.

“En!” the girls all spoke in one voice. This excited and indignant attitude was critical enough to attack the male student who was warming up beside them.



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