Blood Contract – Volume 1 Chapter 8

Fresh Blood and a Slave

“Lift your head up,” commanded the man.

Zero obediently lifted his head and suddenly, an enlarged face appeared before his eyes. Before he could react, his vision blurred and was already pressed against the table. Following that was a splash of water on his head. It was summer but the well water was icy cold. Triggered by it, Zero’s entire body shivered.

His hand was already inside Zero’s shirt. He could feel his body trembling. Thinking that he was afraid, he comforted him, “Even though you’re just a lowly slave, your skin feels soft and smooth to the touch. Don’t worry, babe. I won’t kill you, just yet. Haha.”

The salacious tone in his quiet laughter tempted one to rethink his words.

Zero bitterly smiled. Soft and smooth? That person did put in a lot of effort after all. Even when he was beaten, he would never leave a scar on this body.

As Zero’s thoughts drifted, the vampire rubbed and washed the dirt off his face. The towel that was wrapped around his head had already been tossed to one side. It had been more than two months since he had cut his hair. Without the towel, his hair reached his shoulders.

“Ha….” Zero heard a breath being sucked in. The man greedily caressed Zero’s face and complimented his beauty.

Zero furrowed his brows. He hated people who focused too much on his face. As an assassin, he was too noticeable. An assassin should be able to blend in with the crowd.

The man grabbed Zero’s hair, yanked him, and threw him onto the rug. As Zero was flung, the man roughly tore off his linen shirt. By the time he lay on the floor, he was already half naked.

“What wonderful luck today to have come across such a beautiful toy!” The vampire suddenly appeared right before him. The speed was so fast that it could not be detected by the naked eye. The moment he neared him, his two hands splayed across his chest suddenly pinched his two little buds. Zero gasped.

“What a beautiful expression! No wonder why you had to hide it. However, tonight, you’re going to let me see you thoroughly, inside and out. Got it? Hm?” The last few words were spoken with his lips placed close to his ear. After he had finished, the man swirled the inside with his tongue.

Zero had no intention of resisting and released an honest moan. His sultry voice provoked the man to nibble on his neck. He didn’t tear him with his fangs. The man didn’t want to drink his blood just yet.

The vampire lord seemed very satisfied with Zero’s forthright response. He tugged on his hair and sucked every spot on his neck and collarbone. His thigh slid between Zero’s two legs and his knee rubbed against Zero’s member, causing him to moan continuously.

Zero’s body was very sensitive, but as an assassin, he already had formal training in this area. His nails dug into the rug below him and he shyly gasped and moaned, making anyone who heard him think that he was just a timid and embarrassed child who had no experience. When facing such a child, anyone’s guard would be lowered to its lowest.

Zero quickly surveyed the furnishings in the room. To his right was a wall hung with all different kinds of whips. On top of the fireplace was a candlelight holder and above it was a cabinet, probably full of other toys. Judging by the current situation, if he were to kill him right now, there probably wouldn’t be anyone who would rush in and check. But what to do with the corpse? Hmm…. Maybe he would turn to dust but then if someone from above asked for him, it’d be troubling. He could flee but what about the other slaves?

“Babe, you’re too alluring.” The man flashed a sly smile. “But, I like to take my time and slowly savor you.”

The man got up and walked to the wall with the whips.

He reached out for a thick black one with small but sharp barbs on it. He picked it up and struck twice to get a feel for it. Then, he turned around, looked at the slave on the floor, and wickedly smiled at him. As expected, when the slave saw the whip, he was so frightened that he quivered. The man joyously laughed, “Haha!” He placed the whip back and chose a sturdy whip with the width of a little finger.

Although it didn’t look very scary, Zero wished that he had chosen the whip from before. According to his memories, the thinner the whip was, the more it would hurt. Although the thick one looked horrifying and would leave bloodied bruises on the body, it wouldn’t leave any injuries of substantial character. However, the current one in his hands was very different.

[SLAP SLAP SLAP….] The whip from midair cracked down a few times. The anticipated searing pain landed on Zero’s back. Every time the vampire struck him, the hits got more vicious and the pain intensified.

Zero’s body convulsed and then he held tightly onto the rug, not moving at all. Each new lash on his body hurt a lot but it was nothing compared to what he had experienced before. It was obvious that this man was not very skilled. Compared to the professionalism of ‘Darkness’, this man’s technique was much inferior.

Not long after, Zero was covered in bloody bruises. His delicate and slender figure was coupled with his fair skin, the fresh blood, and the dewy, seductive eyes on his exquisitely beautiful face….

The man didn’t know if it was because of the ‘beautiful’ sight before him or whether it was the scent of blood that triggered his vampire’s natural instinct. His gaze got greedier and his lust for him grew more intense. Beneath his breaches was a bulge that had already propped up.

The man put away the whip and retrieved a few small toys of different shapes and sizes from the cabinet above the fireplace.

Zero suppressed the arising nausea within him. The man before him suddenly disappeared. His body was subsequently thrown onto the whipping table which was made out of leather. Next, his lower half felt a cool breeze. His pants had already been ripped with a few pieces of fabric left, making his shapely legs look even more captivating.

He suddenly felt a sharp pain in his behind. He sensed a finger being inserted in there. His entire body shuddered. Nausea overwhelmed his senses. So it was — He hated anal!

The man chuckled again. His tongue slid down Zero’s back. His fangs sliced open his skin and a sweet, delectable taste trickled down his throat. He moaned in great satisfaction.

“Indeed, it’s very very delicious.” The vampire’s voice grew hoarse. “What a gem! You’re the most delicious! The highest quality!” What to do?! I suddenly…. I don’t want to play with you anymore. Should I take you just like this?”

As he spoke, his finger penetrated his little hole. It was very painful without the use of any lubricants. The vampire unscrupulously forced his way in. It felt very disgusting and agonizing. Zero began to wonder how long he could tolerate this.

Without waiting for the bottom one to respond, the man’s finger twisted and scraped his insides. Because of its tightness and the rough treatment, blood soon leaked out. However, it made a good lubricant and the man was able to smoothly thrust his finger in and out.

Zero felt his stomach churning. He could no longer stand it. Zero bided his time before launching an explosive attack.

Just then, the man quickly withdrew his hand and the body weight on top of  Zero disappeared. He was no longer pinned down.

The man furrowed his brows and deeply sighed, as if he had admitted defeat. He bent over, picked up Zero, and carried him out of the house.

It was pitch-dark outside but it didn’t obstruct vampires from moving about as they had superior night vision.

The man walked around the plantation’s wooden face and entered the forest that was behind it. Not far away was a small stream. It was where Zero first fetched the water from.  The vampire wasn’t ready to enter a filthy slave but he didn’t think that this slave would look so beautiful and alluring. Flames of desire engulfed him. He couldn’t help but bring him here for a wash-up.

[SPLASH!] Zero was thrown in. Before he could even begin to swallow the water, his body was already in the embrace of the man.

“You’re too dirty, little slave!”As he washed Zero’s body, he also simultaneously cut his smooth fair skin with his fangs.

The water glistened under the moonlight. The scene of a wicked vampire with a handsome youth, of blood and sharp fangs, was tantalizing. The vampire wasn’t immune to it either. He impatiently rubbed his member against Zero’s little hole. His two hands wandered across his body.

Contrarily, Zero didn’t react the same way. His eyes revealed murderous intent. Nobody would enter this part of the forest. It was the perfect setting for a murder to take place and then have the evidence destroyed, wasn’t it?

Zero observed the speed and strength of the man. Then he took notice of his status. He was just some insignificant vampire, different from Saad who was on a whole other level. To Zero, this vampire was just a bit stronger than an average person, but he was also more troublesome. He should drain this man’s blood dry!

Zero rubbed the piece of sharp rock in his hand. It was keen enough to slice his jugular. He had found it when he had been tossed into the water.

Just when Zero raised his hand out of the water and encircled his neck, poised to kill, the nearby bushes rustled….


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