Blood Contract – Volume 1 Chapter 9


Under the moonlight, the black-haired beautiful youth frantically splashed around in the stream and then quickly clang onto the man’s body, hanging onto his neck for dear life as if he was his lifesaver. The man happily held him with his arm around his waist. He couldn’t help but rub the lower half of his body against the area between the youth’s legs. His tongue greedily licked his neck.

He was completely unaware that the youth’s eyes had flashed red with murderous intent. And the youth’s weapon was — a piece of sharp rock in his hand. At this moment, it had already slowly reached the man’s neck, pointing at his jugular.

Legend had it that vampires were immortal but that only meant that no one had enough power to kill them. As for this youth, he was an assassin. He knew how exactly how to end a human’s life, even a vampire’s — as long as he had enough power.

The man at this very second was consumed by the flames of desire. He greedily and impatiently wanted this slender, delicate youth beneath him. In the next second, this seemingly weak youth would then transform into a living Satan.

The scene of fresh blood gushing out further complimented the youth’s wicked and devilish seduction. He smirked. The wind softly tousled his black hair. He looked like an eerie yet enticing messenger who had come forth from the depths of hell.

The man couldn’t contain the horror that leaped out from his heart. His body heavily sank into the water. His nerves were shot. He had always longed for the holy grail of liquids but it was now leaking out of him.

As he began to lose blood, all the cells in his body screamed for him to do something but his body was frozen. He didn’t even have the strength to talk. Only a pair of sunken black eyes revealed the fear within him.

The black-haired youth stood up in the water. He coldly looked down at the growing pool of blood. It had already dyed half of the stream red. As for the man, he could only glare back at the youth, watching his blood drain away from him but unable to salvage the situation.


This weak human?!!

He actually killed him!!! No matter how much power and speed he gained, he actually died in the hands of a weak human slave!

How did he…. The vampire’s red-colored eyes weakly glanced at him. In his hand was a small but sharp rock. The vampire then understood. There was no way that an ordinary human boy could accurately and easily slice his blood vessel with just that.

The youth looked at the fallen vampire before him and lightly furrowed his brows. He was a bit frustrated. After all, this was his first time killing a non-human monster. It was understandable if he had miscalculated the drug dosage but what should he do next? The drugs that he had brought from his world were all used up. Still, devil’s snare was common throughout this land.

It turned out that when the youth had sliced the vampire’s flesh open, he injected a large dosage of remifentanil hydrochloride, a type of anesthetic, into him. It was quick, needing only one minute to take effect. However, it could only last five to ten minutes. Zero was afraid that the dosage would be too little so he also mixed in a large amount of morphine and devil’s snare.

The youth shook his head and walked closer towards the vampire.  Just to be safe, he should swiftly kill him!

Just as Zero was about to slash him a few more times, the nearby bushes rustled again.

Caught off guard, it was too late to conceal his movements. Just then, [swoosh!] a small bat flew out from the bushes. Before the bat disappeared, it quizzically looked at Zero. Was he seeing an illusion?

He furrowed his brows again but he didn’t have time to think about that bat. Zero quickly slit the vampire’s wrist, thought again, and then carved an “S” on his chest where his heart lay.

The next day, all the slaves got up and worked on the plantation as usual.

Nick, who had been knocked unconscious, also woke up early and heard that Zero hadn’t come back for the night. He grew extremely anxious. Even old man Branson was very worried. Eventually, they braced themselves and approached the tiny house. Just when they had reached there, they also chanced upon the pudgy Mr. Fayra.

Seeing as there was no response when they had knocked on the door several times, they directly barged in. What entered their vision was a horrific scene!

The young slave rested in a pool of blood, barely breathing. His body had whip marks crisscrossing all over. His two hands were bound by a red rope in the shape of a bow. His lower half’s private part was tied with a little bell attached. Because of prolonged constriction, it had become red and swollen beyond imagination. A large rubber toy was inserted in his behind.

The youth’s appearance was very unsightly but strangely alluring. A few of the men gulped and their members bulged.

Just when they had begun to fantasize, shock waves of terror rocked the room. A sudden sharp cry broke the morning silence across the plantation!

A Neonate was dead!!! Everyone looked at the wax-like corpse, not knowing what to do. Mr. Fayra loudly shrieked. Hearing news of the death, Mrs. Fayra fainted right on the spot and crushed a slave with her weight who had come with her.

“‘S!’ IT’S SABBAT!!! It’s the Devil Sect! It’s the devils who killed my lord! The devils invaded Giffin!! HURRY!!! Hurry and report this!!!” Mr. Fayra screamed. Soon, someone got on a horse and quickly galloped out of the plantation.

On this day, work had been slowed to a stop. All the slaves took advantage of this and slacked off, giving themselves a break. It was all because Mr. Fayra had been scared out of his wits. He had no time to worry whether the slaves were slacking or not.

Zero was placed in the slaves’ resting quarter. It was a small wooden house. Old man Branson was off to one side, grinding up the herbs, and the others surrounded the bedside, guarding the door. Normally, slaves were not allowed to use any drugs but because old man Branson learned a thing or two about herbal medicine in his younger days, this group of slaves discreetly used them in the quarter. Everyone prayed for the youth who was resting on the bed to pull through.

By the time Zero had awoken, it was already nighttime. Seeing that he was conscious, old man Branson quickly praised God. He must have been so nervous that he lost his senses. Thank goodness that there were no outsiders around them.

“Child! You’re finally awake!”

Zero awkwardly peered at the people around him. His pure black eyes glanced back and forth as if trying to figure out what had happened and where he was at.

Uncomfortably being stared at by everyone, he cowered but this sudden movement caused him pain. He furrowed his brows.

“Don’t move, child. You’re injured!” Old man Branson hastily reminded him.

“What happened to me?” Zero’s voice weakly echoed. The innocent look in his eyes was evidence that he had forgotten yesterday’s event.

Everyone turned to look at each other. The old man lowered his voice and queried, “You really don’t remember what had happened yesterday?”

Zero innocently blinked and asked, “What exactly happened?”

Everyone was dumbfounded and then tacitly agreed to refrain from speaking about yesterday’s matter in front of the youth. To him, it was a nightmare not worth reliving.

Nick arrived with a bowl of oatmeal in his hands. He smiled happily after seeing Zero regain consciousness.

“You’re finally awake!!! It’s a good thing that you’re alright! Yesterday’s vampire had already died. Don’t worry about it anymore!”

It was too late before everyone could stop him from speaking further.

“Who? Who died?” Zero asked with a blank expression.

“The vampire from yesterday! What a bastard!!! To have treated you this way! But it’s fine! He got killed by someone from the Devil Sect. He’s now nothing but a funny-looking wax figure.” Nick replied excitedly. As if unafraid of the consequences, he had revealed everything.

A few of the older men quickly covered his mouth, muffling his voice. “Oi oi, kid! Watch what you’re saying!!!”

“Ah? Oops, sorry. I said too much. Anyway, Zero, hurry and eat.”

Zero received the bowl of oatmeal. He gratefully looked at Nick and sipped it down.

In truth, Zero only pretended to be asleep. From what he had heard, it seemed that no one had suspected him. This, however, didn’t mean that he was free of suspicion either.

A vampire had died. The other vampires wouldn’t let this matter go so easily. He had to tread carefully.

Seeing that Zero had fully awakened, eaten his food, and out of harm’s way, everyone scattered. When everybody had fallen asleep, Zero sneaked out of the quarter. The place where he resided was the attic of another house. Even if someone had discovered that he wasn’t there, he could say that he went back to his own room. Everyone knew that he was very stubborn. Nobody should suspect him.

Zero made his way to Mr. Fayra’s house. He needed to get collect more information from Mr. and Mrs. Fayra.

“Is the duke his lord returning tomorrow?” asked Mrs. Fayra.

“Yes. I’m afraid that the duke has already heard of what happened here. Damn it! Why did his lord have to die here?! Oh God! Oh Satan! Evil devils!!! I hope that damn Devil Sect’s vampire quickly leave our plantation alone!”

“SHUSH!!! Do you want to die?!! Keep quiet!!!” Mrs. Fayra loudly exclaimed and used a frying pan to smack Mr. Fayra on the head.

“Meryl! Not so hard! You’re going to kill me!”

“Then you shut your mouth!!!”

“Meryl, have you heard?”


“A slave ship from Orai was attacked. All the crew members died. They say it was all the Devil Sect’s doing!”

“Oh no, Satan!” Mrs. Fayra covered her mouth. Her eyes flashed with fear. “You mean…. God!!! If that vampire is still here, he’ll kill us all!!! Oh God oh God! His lord must’ve discovered him and then pursued him but died right by the stream! Oh no!!!”

Mrs. Fayra screeched.

“Calm down! Calm down! My love, calm down!!! I’m only hypothesizing! Hypothesizing!!! Maybe he left already. After all, this is Giffin and we are their blood slaves! The vampires wouldn’t want our blood! Just calm down!”

From within, he could hear Mrs. Fayra’s wails.

Mentioning Orai, Zero didn’t have any fond memories.

Yes, that was right. He was a slave on that ship and he had no recollection of that night’s events. It was blank. For some reason, it made Zero edgy and fearful.

Deep into the night, Zero sneaked back to the quarter. Disturbed by his blank memories, Zero took no notice of a small bat following him. It had watched over him until night turned to day before reluctantly flying away….


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