Oh, My Dear! Chapter 22

Oh, My Dear! Chapter 22 This woman is also a protagonist 2/2


Dan Ju and Guo Zhi went to the school garden, Dan Ju who was still wearing Shi Xi’s shirt did not mind the stares from others.

“Why is it the same is family, yours and my parents aren’t the same?” Guo Zhi thought that the whole world would hate.

“Are you an idiot? There are people in this world that exists to refuse these feelings but there are people who accept these feelings. It’s okay Guo Zhi, do you know that China has many rotten girls? In the future there will be more.”

“What is a rotten girl?”

“People who want to see you and Shi Xi in bed.”

“Maiden, why did you say it again!” Guo Zhi covered his ears.

Dan Ju was baffled with Guo Zhi’s reaction, she felt out her phone made a phone call.

Once the other picked up she kissed the phone with force emitting a loud sound: “Wei Ye, were you not anguished by the longing to meet each other after being separated to different places like I have?”


“Tut, what do you want to eat? I will especially bring it back to you or do, you, want, to, eat, me, more?” Dan Ju’s

“Don’t force me to hang up.”

“When will you go along with me?” Dan Ju went to the school garden and watched their youthfulness.

“During reincarnation.”

Dan Ju could not help but laugh out: “Wei Ye, I want to say I love you now, will it appear very weird?”

“It will so shut up.”

“I love” Dan Ju wanted to say but the other had already hung up. She cursed: “Bastard, you actually hung up on me!”

Guo Zhi was listening at the side the whole time, he curiously squinted his eyes. Dan Ju’s love is so distinctive, she does as she pleases with her love but can he do it? The sound of his father’s scolding came into his mind constantly shackling him and his feelings.

Dan Ju was aware of Guo Zhi’s change in expression, she watched Guo Zhi and brought a evil smile: “People can’t choose who they should like, who they shouldn’t like. Your love is not special, love is love. Not only can I not control it others cannot control it too. There is no need to acquire everyone’s blessing, no need to explain to others you only need to feel happy and that’s it so Guo Zhi don’t be afraid.

In Guo Zhi’s eyes Dan Ju seemingly has a halo on her head, he used strength to nod his head.

Dan Ju continued to say: “Those blockheads will only scold, what else can they do? What else do they dare to do? I’m telling you, people who say that they hate homosexuals are in fact homosexuals.”

“Really?” Guo Zhi was rather suspicious.


“It seems so and I also said it before.”


“So it’s like this.” Guo Zhi believed her.

The two days Dan Ju stayed there, other than providing her own evil as material in Shi Xi’s room, once Guo Zhi had time he would take Dan Ju to buy local speciality. He liked to stay with Dan Ju as he can tell her all of his uncertainties and questions,

“Maiden, that.”

Dan Ju was going to leave soon, he still had some last words he wanted to say. The most important last words.


“I, I don’t want to obtain anything by Shi Xi’s side and I do not need for him to like me but is there any way to make him happy and laugh?”

“Has he written about you?” Dan Ju suddenly asked.

Guo Zhi shook his head, Dan Ju revealed a slight smile: “This one, regarding Shi Xi, he has no emotions, he hates humans as they are the ugly reality, greedy and evil so he withdrew himself from the world. He observes them outside of the world and writes about them but he has no way to write about you, he is probably also aware.”

“But didn’t he also write about you?”

Dan Ju indifferently shrugged: “I’m originally not a good person.”

“That’s not true, you are a good person.”

“Since you praised me in this way, I won’t be stingy and teach you how to make Shi Xi laugh.” Dan Ju murmured a few words in Guo Zhi’s ear.

“Can it really make him laugh?”

“Why would I lie to you, when he was little his mum only needed to coax him with this and he would laugh.”

“Thank you, maiden.”

In the afternoon, Dan Ju was in the room packing her luggage: “Little darling I’m leaving, don’t cry and don’t urge me to stay. For my man I can abandon anybody including you.”

“I have no objections.” Shi Xi coldly responded.

“Really not cute, I was even kind enough to help you prepare a gift, byebye.” [1]

[1] original text used english.

Dan Ju’s departure is as casual as her arrival. In this love she may only be a guest but in another love, this woman is also a protagonist like everyone else who also possess their own love.

Not while later Guo Zhi anxiously ran up, out of breath: “Where is maidne?”

“She left?”

“What? She left already? I especially ran here wanting to send her!” Guo Zhi was upset.

Shi Xi did not speak and only looked at the notebook laptop, his OCD for short term hobbies occured again. Guo Zhi stood outside the door staring at Shi Xi not moving, a while later he sneaked up to Shi Xi’s back and put both hands on his shoulder. He leaned forward slightly and uttered in a soft voice in Shi Xi’s ear: “Oh, My dear.”

Shi Xi’s body was stiff, that voice intruded his body. He was taken by surprise, he turned his head: “What are you doing?”

“Why didn’t you laugh? Maiden said that every time you hear these words you will laugh.”

“Laugh my ass, are you a moron? You’ve been lied to so many times and you still believe that women’s words?”

“Don’t say that woman, that woman. She is maiden!”

The computer screen was playing a movie, it was a Christmas scene. The sky was covered in snow, snowmen were piled up and the city was twinkling with shining multicoloured lights. People were dressed in thick coats and they buried their faces into their scarves, their hands held presents, they held hands, they kissed. At Christmas, in every corner there was lively music.

Guo Zhi watched the movie, there was some happiness on his face, it was rather cute: “Did I pick the wrong day? If I called you that on Christmas will you laugh?”

“I told you not to believe her.”

“One of these days if I call you this will you laugh?”

“Do you not understand my words?”

“You will laugh.” Guo Zhi followed the music gently shaking his body.



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