Oh, My Dear! ch 23-25

Author; Angelina

Translator; Jia

Update; I’ve moved into my student accomodation. It’s almost been a week and I feel homesick already :/ I keep getting lost and I cannot read/follow a map to save my life oh lord help me. I’m scared of getting mugged again because it’s a bigger city than where I’ve moved from and there is more crime here. EHHHHHHH wish me luck. I’ll try and translate but as far as I’m aware there won’t be frequent updates because I’m already drained from welcome week for my course and the real welcome week starts on sunday. I’ve not made many friends yet either so hopefully I’ll have some by the time I next upload as I expect to join the kpop and chinese society.




Oh, My Dear! Chapter 23

Oh, My Dear! Chapter 24

Oh, My Dear! Chapter 25

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