Feng Mang Chapter 60 – Pitiful Appearance

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: Mosstree

Today, there were activities inside the corporation, the majority of the staff went to attend it, the hall was different from the usually quiet, inside the elevator there were only two people, Han Dong, and Wang Zhong Ding.

After standing still, Han Dong couldn’t wait to open the lunchbox.

Since this elevator would not be malfunctioned, that left Han Dong only ten seconds. How to achieve the same disgusting effect in a short period of time, it was really testing one’s acting ability.

And one of the most important criteria to measure a person’s acting skills was eye contact.

Han Dong’s attention was always focused on the Chinese toon, this focus wasn’t deliberately staring but naturally revolving around it. The most obvious display: When Wang Zhongding reached for the button, although Han Dong glanced at him, but his gaze was scattered, and only when it returned to the lunch box would his focus show that his skill has already reached its pinnacle of perfection.

In the same way, acting also required thinking.

Just like the way Han Dong was using chopsticks, obviously, he’s got scrambled eggs trapped between his chopsticks, but at the same time, he got trapped in his own mind, because he was too stubborn to stay clearheaded! Knowing that the audience was a numberphile, he chose the most accurate angle and force, when the friction was at its maximum, the grip was the fastest and displayed the most voracious state.

Finally, a good talent can make the role itself shine.

Han Dong showed a set of self-created “assembly line work” eating methods: mouth, teeth, tongue, with the throat cooperatively worked, it was an uninterrupted process. That was when he opened his mouth, he had the egg yolk chewed with his teeth, the Chinese toon leaf rolled with his tongue, and the crumbs carried to his throat……alternation of green and yellow, how outstandingly “fresh and clean!”

If Wang Zhongding hadn’t used the toon branch to try it in advance, it simply wouldn’t have been obvious that Han Dong was acting at the moment.

Han Dong acted very happily, but eating was really painful, it was not easy to be an actor! Especially when it’s being a villain, disgusting other people and also incidentally disgusting yourself, what kind of plan was that?

The horn of victory sounded at last with a *ding*.

Just when Han Dong was about to go out, the bad news came again and the elevator door could not be opened!

That’s strange, I haven’t tampered with this elevator this time, why can’t it open?

Moreover, it didn’t break down earlier or later, but it had to break down precisely at the floor of Wang Zhong Ding’s office! It’s like the last drop of water in the desert getting into your nose, very fucking teasing!

Meanwhile, Wang Zhongding looked at Han Dong once again.

Han Dong suddenly realized something and changed his line of sight to Chinese toon in the bowl, it looked just like Hitler’s butcher knife.

Just before he made up his mind to move his chopsticks, Wang Zhongding unexpectedly opened his lunchbox in the Chinese toon-filled elevator for the first time, revealing a scorched, crispy crusted large flatbread and a small box full of canned soy meat. Then, like when Han Dong was sleepwalking, he wrapped the meat and soy paste in the flatbread and ate it as if no one was watching.

Han Dong eagerly watched at the side,  his saliva could water acres of lands.

Therefore, say, your acting skills are niuB again, your eyes are focused again, chopstick are agile, the assembly line work is awesome again are all useless, someone else flatbread and two pieces of meat could deal with you!

How can a strong-willed man actually admit defeat so soon? Even when the food changed taste he still had to eat it……Han dong was drooling while looking pathetically at Wang Zhongding with those eyes like a greedy insect that had been badly abused.

Later, the elevator door opened, Han Dong was still pursuing relentlessly behind Wang Zhongding and unwilling to let go, clearly he wanted to go disgust him but was dragged into the office by Wang Zhongding.

“Eat, I have asked the kitchen to make it all on the spot, it doesn’t smell like Chinese toon.” Said Wang Zhongding.

Looking at the large flatbread and canned meat on his desk, Han Dong suddenly felt that this scene was very familiar and cordial, moreover, he couldn’t get rid of this damned feeling no matter what.

“You aren’t eating it?” Han Dong asked Wang Zhongding.

Wang Zhongding didn’t lift his head and said, “I’m full.”

Han Dong couldn’t wait to roll up the piece of meat with the flatbread, ferociously tearing it down with his teeth and swallowing it, but he still had on a generous appearance,  “Hey, say……I will eat your flatbread to give you face, but that does not mean that I will not continue to eat Chinese toon tomorrow!”

“Up to you.” Said Wang Zhongding with an indifferent tone of voice.

When Han Dong saw that Wang Zhong Ding didn’t even retort, he snorted disapprovingly in his heart: Look at your pitiful appearance, really make people can’t bear it……

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