Feng Mang Chapter 62 – Subdue this Evildoer!

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In the evening, Feng Jun stood on the balcony, the sea breeze was blowing while he talking on the phone with Ji Tao.

“En, en, it’s good that he’s willing to listen to you.”

Wang Zhong Ding happened to come to see the green plant, hearing Feng Jun was on the phone, he casually asked: “Who is calling?”

“Ji Tao, he is reporting to me about Han Dong.”

Hearing “Han Dong”, these two words, Wang Zhong Ding coldly humphed, inside he had a kind of subtle feeling.

Feng Jun didn’t wait for Wang Zhong Ding to ask him, he then opened his mouth: “Not only Han Dong didn’t cause trouble, moreover, he’s also very cooperative with Ji Tao’s work, but they both also get along very well, do you think it was very unexpected?”

Wang Zhong Ding indeed didn’t expect that, he thought Han Dong didn’t wreak havoc was already very not bad.

“There’s more to it than you can imagine.” Feng Jun smiled mysteriously, then open his mouth and said: “Ji Tao unexpectedly praised that Han Dong is very gifted and said that he is a rare talent.”

It was hard for Wang Zhong Ding to accept, how could a man with a similar temperament to him, give Han Dong such a good evaluation?

“Are you sure it was Ji Tao, himself?”

Feng Jun handed the phone over to Wang Zhongding, “Or, do you want to call him yourself?”

“Forget it.” Wang Zhong Ding waved his hand.

Feng Jun secretly cast a glance at Wang Zhong Ding and slowly said: “Actually, I think Han Dong was so rebellious before is because he wanted to attract your attention.”

Having heard another person say that, Wang Zhong Ding had no choice but to pay attention to this issue.

“Why do you think so?” Asked Wang Zhong Ding.

“This is very obvious, Han Dong is in all kinds of disobedient when you are here, after you leave he’s immediately well-behaved. Moreover, Ji Tao and your temperament are so alike, if Han Dong isn’t really acclimatized, how can he change and get along with Ji Tao peacefully?”

Wang Zhong Ding was silent for a long time before he started to talk, “Forget it, doesn’t matter what he thinks, as long as there is someone who can control him, then it’s good.” After he finished speaking, he then turned around and went into this room.

Feng Jun curled his lip behind Wang Zhong Ding’s back.

On this side, after Ji Tao hung up the phone, Han Dong was also impatient, he asked: “Was that call from Wang Zhong Ding?”

“No, it was manager Feng, Feng Jun.”

“Oh……” Han Dong patted the empty space beside him, “Come, sleep here tonight.”

Ji Tao also didn’t say anything, he directly lay down and shared the bed with Han Dong.

Han Dong said: “I haven’t slept in the same bed with anyone for quite a while.”

Ji Tao said: “I have never slept in the same bed with another person, if you hadn’t told me the secrets buried in my heart for more than 20 years, to this day, I don’t think I would have opened my heart completely to anyone.”

“You live too repressed! Just learn from your brother……” Han Dong slapped his own chest, “Your brother lives very confident and at ease, carrying a lot of energy, loving whoever I want to love and living only for myself!”

Ji Tao had to admit, “There are some areas that I should learn from you.”

“But…… ” Han Dong changed the topic,” I also quite like your temperament, what you have is what I lack. What is that saying? Opposites attract? No, we’re of the same sex, when things reach an extreme, they can only move in the opposite direction? That also doesn’t seem right……”

Ji Tao said: “It’s regarded as a complementary effect.”

“That’s right, that’s right, complementary effect, you see, I’m licentious and you’re old-fashioned, I’m witty and you’re foolish and honest, I’m calm and you’re impatient, I’m confident in myself and you feel yourself is inferior, I have something to pursue you have no belief, right?”

The more Ji Tao thought, the more it doesn’t seem right, how come the words that came out of Han Dong’s mouth had a different meaning? This is “what you have is what I lack”? It’s clearly “what you lack is exactly what I have”.

“Therefore that said, I can receive an extra spiritual satisfaction from you.” Han Dong also said.

Ji Tao suddenly felt puzzled, “Then why don’t you like Chief Wang? They all say Chief Wang and I have a similar temperament.”

A black line went down Han Dong’s face, I don’t like him has nothing to do with his temperament, it’s his physiognomy OK?


Three days later, Feng Jun and Wang Zhong Ding returned home.

Just as he entered the office building, Wang Zhong Ding smelled an unusual scent. Even though the floor was spotless, but that numeral eyes of his could see it were full of scratches, as if they had been trampled by countless pairs of soles for days. There were not many people inside the hall, but it was confined with a strong smell of human.

“Were there any activities in the company these days?” Wang Zhong Ding asked Feng Jun.

Feng Jun thought about it and said, “There were several small-scaled activities.”

Wang Zhong Ding had on a look of suspicion, “Why do I feel like there seem to be many people in the office building during my absence?”

“Isn’t it? They held all of those activities outside.”

Just as soon as his voice fell, he then heard the two newly signed female artists chatting in front of them.

“Have you heard? A Great Immortal has recently come to our company, telling fortunes is very accurate.”

Upon hearing the two words “Great Immortal”, Wang Zhong Ding’s facial expression changed immediately, Feng Jun also vaguely had a little unknown premonition. But he still gave Wang Zhong Ding a placating look, since Ji Tao had already made a solemn vow that guaranteed Han Dong had turned over a new leaf, their so-called “Great Immortal” must be someone else.

The female artists didn’t seem to realize that their big boss was right behind them and still chatting enthusiastically.

“These days many people in our company have come to find him to get calculation, and all the big shots who are running shows outside have to especially return for that purpose. I heard that one of the crew didn’t even shoot the film, the team chartered a car back to the company, only to ask him to calculate their fortunes.”

Wang Zhong Ding’s face darkened even more, sure enough, someone had broken the atmosphere here.

The conversation continued, and the female artist who had been silent all along opened her mouth.

“Don’t mention him to me! I’ll get angry when I think of him!”

“Ah? You know him?”

“Humph!……Last time I went to see him, he even boasted with me, saying that his hands are very magical, whichever part I want to stick out it will make it stick out, whichever part I want to stick up it will make it stick up. I then asked him to help me get a beautiful body shape, as a result, he rubbed and dawdled for more than half an hour, not only wasn’t there any result at all, he even ate quite a lot of my tofu.”

Fortune telling, bragging, lecherous, slowness……Besides Han Dong, who still can occupy the whole characteristics?

Wang Zhong Ding’s face was obviously a lot worsened, but Feng Jun still cast a look of “calm down, don’t be impatient”, so long as one was missing, then there was the possibility that “it’s not Han Dong”, even if it’s Han Dong, it also proved that he had made some progress.

Before long, the female artist in front spoke again.

“Did he ask you for money?”

“The most annoying is this! I thought since he had already eaten a lot of my tofu, he wouldn’t shamelessly charge more. But guess what? Not only did he ask me for money, but he also said he would charge by the hour!

“My god, isn’t this man too calculating?”

Great, this time had occupied all of it……Wang Zhong Ding looked at Feng Jun, what else do you have to say?

Feng Jun returned the gaze as ruthless as before with a gleam of hope, who is Ji Tao? A person that has the same careful style of work as you, how could he casually open his mouth to guaranteed something without evidence?

At the moment when they were walking to a corner, suddenly a familiar voice came through. Wang Zhong Ding abruptly stopped his footsteps and just barely passed the two female artists in front of them.

“Hey, beauty, we meet again!”

“What do you want?”

“Why didn’t you come to find me to get a massage lately? It’s not going to work if you leave it too long.”

“Who needs you to massage? hooligan!”

Then a series of clattering sound of high heels stomping on the ground gradually drifted away.

The familiar male voice once again resounded, that wicked face could be imagined just by hearing the tone of his voice.

“Little horny bastard, still pretending with me.”

Another male voice resounded, “I think that woman is very pure!”

“Pure? That’s when you didn’t see her being horny. The massage originally takes ten minutes, one moment she then says this place is itchy, another moment she says that place is itchy, and kept twisting on the bed, causing me to simply not dare to put my hands to it. As a result, she even resented me for being slow and didn’t want to leave no matter what, there were so many people lining up behind her like that, delaying many of my business ah……”

Hearing this, Feng Jun finally admitted defeat, sure enough, another manager was killed in battle, moreover, without even knowing how he died.

The conversation outside was still going.

“Okay, okay, stop talking about her and quickly take a look for me.”

“You? One look I can see you have a low sex drive.”

“I have a low sex drive?”

“That’s right, you and Wang Zhong Ding are the same, he also has a low sex drive.”

“Chief Wang has a low sex drive? Really?”

“With one look you’ll know he is lacking in that department.”

As soon as his voice fell, a cold and stern figure, more precisely two, appeared from around the corner, but the person on the back was driven out of existence by the terror aura of the person in front of him.

Han Dong at once was dumbfounded, along with the cannon fodder security guards beside him.

Feng Jun had thought that no one would be more impulsive than him. Good or bad, he was a man of the figures, never cursing in public, but at this moment, he wanted to use violence on someone in public, what the hell was an image? He just wanted to battle it out with this scourge! As a result, before he had even stepped out a foot, he then felt the chilly wind sweeping his face, a figure that was even more swift and fierce than his, whistled past, forcing him to retreat back two steps.

Taking a closer look, there was unexpectedly someone who had, even more, disregarded his image and had charged ahead……

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