The World is a bit sweet v2 ch 12 [complete]

[Full Chapter, for those who already read part one scroll down to the middle and you should see my T/N]   世界有点甜_NO.2 全是因为你 It’s all because of you   Recently slanderous gossip swept the whole campus again, it’s all because Chen Ge had unexpectedly increased the fixed distance between a girl. In the past there … Read moreThe World is a bit sweet v2 ch 12 [complete]

Idiot, I Love You! Chapter 9

Author; 葵花砸 Kui Hua Za Translator: Jia Chapter 9 因为我第一眼就看上你 Because I fancied you at first sight. “Little Yu get up *cough*, we’ve arrived at the restaurant.” “If you don’t get up i’ll kiss you*cough*.” Gu Shaoming laughed mischievously. “Fuck go away!” Xia Ningyu woke up earlier but he was just pretending to be asleep. … Read moreIdiot, I Love You! Chapter 9

Oh, My Dear! Chapter 20

唉呀,亲爱的!_ 20.他的文字悲伤一切   Military training proceeded under the hot sun, Guo Zhi’s cheeks were sunburnt bright red, the edge of his camouflage cap constantly leaked sweat and occasionally, he licked his lips to relieve the dryness. He took pleasure in military training not like other people running and generally complaining he thinks military training can … Read moreOh, My Dear! Chapter 20