Feng Mang Chapter 47 – It’s Difficult for a Lost-Money- instead-of-being-paid wife To Come Visit.

Translator: Polarbearadise Proofreader: VitaSchaus Editor: Somniator99 Han Dong burned the “five sisters”, he also conveniently burned their bras, and underwear altogether. Just as he was about to clean up the “ashes”, he suddenly heard the sound of unlocking coming from the room diagonally across. Han Dong rushed to the door, what he saw was actually Continue Reading

Feng Mang -Character List

Han Dong – A hooligan, a womanizer and a SHAMELESS MC. Try to escape fate, but always fail. #1 immortal in Imperial Capital + Capital #1 Man of Steel (self-proclaim), a fortune teller and a sleepwalker. Li Shang – MC’s rival. A pretentious white-eyed wolf. The “five sisters” – HD’s “wives”. Inflatable dolls, but actually sex dolls (HD refuse to Continue Reading