Oh, My Dear!

Title: Oh, My Dear! (哎呀,亲爱的) Author: Angelina Genre: 1×1, modern, school life, comedy, heartwarming, sweet, savage MC, handsome ML 103 Chapters Summary:  “Why do you like men?” “Do you care? Do you care about the reason or my feelings? Your question is just full of disgust and accusations, so I do not want to say.” I just … Read moreOh, My Dear!

An Adultery Triggered By A Diary (一本日记引发的奸/情)

Title: An Adultery Triggered By A Diary (一本日记引发的奸/情) Author: 沙梓 Genre: Online gaming, comedy, 1×1, HE 64 chapters + 6 extras Summary:  “First of all, this is a Danmei online gaming novel, the background/context is of Demigods and Semi-Devils online game, not realistic. Second, this novel is associated with “Primary school student’s Demigods and Semi-Devils game diary”, there … Read moreAn Adultery Triggered By A Diary (一本日记引发的奸/情)

If You Don’t Fall In Love Then Drop Dead (不谈恋爱就去死)

Title: If You Don’t Fall In Love Then Drop Dead (不谈恋爱就去死) Author: 龙柒 Genre: Modern, rebirth, system, showbiz, Gong super pamper shou, 1×1, more than one couple 91 chapters + 13 extras Summary: There are so many people in the entertainment circle, but the person who Ye Chen feel most uncomfortable with is Ren Jing this hypocrite, appear … Read moreIf You Don’t Fall In Love Then Drop Dead (不谈恋爱就去死)

Lost Temple (失落神庙)

Title: Lost Temple (失落神庙) Author: 月曜 Genre: Online gaming, adventure, fantasy, romance, virtual reality, extreme golden hand, Gong really pampering shou, more than one couples. 87 chapters Summary: Lost Temple (失落神庙), a large-scale virtual reality online game, our protagonist lay in the game pod and begin his fantasy journey, he coincidentally meets a silent Assistant of the … Read moreLost Temple (失落神庙)

Interstellar Music Master (星际音乐大师)

~Dedicate to Christina~ Hope my summary could give you a little information about this story 🙂 Title: Interstellar Music Master (星际音乐大师) Author: 青色羽翼 Genre: Future, Science fiction, system, shou’s POV, crossover, MC’s soul entered another body, HE 118 chapters: Link Summary: Li Xin was despair when crossing over, become an unregistered person on Amir planet, no income no house no … Read moreInterstellar Music Master (星际音乐大师)

Six records of a floating life (浮生六记)

Title: Six records of a floating life (浮生六记) Author: 南康/白起 Genre: Modern, 1×1, sweet, warm 40 short chapters Rating: ❤❤❤ ❤ Review: I’m pretty sure most of you have read I Will wait for you until 35. I recently came across this novel by Nankang that was written before I will wait for you until 35. The Six Records of … Read moreSix records of a floating life (浮生六记)

The Path to Spoil a Wife (宠妻之道)

Title: The way to Spoil Your Wife (宠妻之道) Author: 尹琊 Genre: Modern, comedy, warm, sweet, HE 140 chapters: Link Summary: “I like you, I like you……” After finished kissing Tang Xiao moved away as if nothing happened, and like to make up for the previous regret, he hold onto him and said it non-stop. Gu Xiu Jin finally … Read moreThe Path to Spoil a Wife (宠妻之道)

Old Photo (旧照片)

Title: Old Photo (旧照片) Author: 二逼癌细胞 Genre: Modern, possessive/Psycho/forceful/deeply in love w/ uke/arrogant/ghost Seme X Nice/Good personality/deeply in love w/ seme/strong personality uke, mystical, HE 7 chapters   My Summary: Zhao Mu is knocking on the window. Li Yu opened his eyes, it was exactly midnight. Zhao Mu, a young man who studies music, has always had … Read moreOld Photo (旧照片)