Idiot, I Love You

Author: Kui Hua Za

Translator; Jia

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Xia Ningyu hurriedly rushed to work “I’m finished, I’m going to be late! I should take the shortcut!” Saying this, he rushed into the back alley but he did not think that there would be a handsome gangster and an old man quarrelling, out of curiosity and an expert of seeking death he soundlessly went over to have a look at what on earth was going on. “Catcha” Xia Ningyu took a picture intending to run about wildly but he was captured by someone. It was that handsome gangster Gu Shaoming and proud little reporter Xia Ningyu’s encounter. “What is your name?” “Ah I’m called Xia Ningyu, Xia as in Xia, Ning as in Ning and Yu as in Yu~” “Tut, he should not be a blockhead right, I’m called Gu Shaoming.”

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This novel is mainly said to be small because the curosity is too heavy. In a certain small alley, the Uke encountered an attacker and the attacker [1] fell in love at first sight with him. Since then they live a fortunate (sex) blessed good life~ of course also have various dog blood episodes [grin]

[1] Seme


Stupid cute proud playful— Xia Ningyu

Gangster gentle attacker [1] — Gu Shaoming

Supporting role: Mother Xia, little sister Xia Dingyu, Dad Gu, Father Gu, two deputy cp (will be revealed in the story)

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