Six records of a floating life (浮生六记)

Title: Six records of a floating life (浮生六记) Author: 南康/白起 Genre: Modern, 1×1, sweet, warm 40 short chapters Rating: ❤❤❤ ❤ Review: I’m pretty sure most of you have read I Will wait for you until 35. I recently came across this novel by Nankang that was written before I will wait for you until 35. The Six Records of … Read moreSix records of a floating life (浮生六记)

Feng Mang Chapter 35 – Number One Immortal in the Imperial Capital!

Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator The next day in the afternoon, Er Lei entered Wang Zhong Ding’s office. “Chief Wang, upon investigation we have found the general information of this man.” Er Lei was also Wang Zhong Ding’s capable assistant, compared to Feng Jun he keeps a more low-profile and rarely meddled in the company’s internal … Read moreFeng Mang Chapter 35 – Number One Immortal in the Imperial Capital!

Feng Mang Chapter 34 – Scary and Stupidly Adorable (Moe)

Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator Driven for less than five kilometers, they were stuck in traffic. Wang Zhong Ding turned on the CD player inside the car, he chose some light music to calm his impatient mood down. The heater inside the car was at a very high temperature, Han Dong at first wrapped himself up … Read moreFeng Mang Chapter 34 – Scary and Stupidly Adorable (Moe)

Feng Mang Chapter 33 – The Car Hit The Road Just Like That.

Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator At the end of the banquet, inside the private room was a scene of people passing out from drunkenness, there were barely people who could maintain their consciousness and support those brothers leaning unsteadily from side to side out. Ye Chenglin was drunk to the point of not knowing anything and … Read moreFeng Mang Chapter 33 – The Car Hit The Road Just Like That.

Golden Assistant Chapter 21

Translator: Polarbearadise & Kaylarala Editor: FirstPersonNarrator On the first day of New Year, Xiao Yi took Luzhou along, driving to the nearby well-known hot springs resort. There they ate Japanese Sushi. Luzhou was wearing a bathrobe, his hair was neat, this indicated that he didn’t need any make-up therefore the company asked the post-production team to fix … Read moreGolden Assistant Chapter 21

Audio Drama: Deceive

WARNING: PUT ON HEADPHONE! Some words have caused pain Some memories no longer appear again But wherever you go Don’t be afraidI will be by your side I’ll always be there for you 有些话语,造成伤害 有些回忆,不再重来 但无论你去了哪里 不要害怕 我会在你身边 我会永远陪在你身边的 STAFF 原著——林仑 策划/导演——夏小歌 编剧/后期——24K王子米【剪刀剧团】 监督——蓝风樱花【声创联盟】 海报——柏木紫【决意同人】 剧务——恩哼 友情感谢——風從哪裏來【决意同人】 友情感谢——信志【恋声汇聚】 CAST 按出场先后顺序 苍宇——冥曦【优声由色】 弈南——心外无物 弈南父亲——绝对龙套 小落——断离【决意同人】 小乐——东京以东【优声由色】 … Read moreAudio Drama: Deceive

Deceive Chapter 5

Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator On the second day after Cang Yu returned from Qiong Dao, he received a package from Yi Nan’s father. After he opened it, the content inside made Cang Yu’s complexion turn deathly white, it was the criminal record of Cang Yu before he created Hai Yu, and the evidence was enough … Read moreDeceive Chapter 5