Feng Mang Chapter 25 – Could Be Properly Nurtured

Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator Li Shang accepted the limb lengthening surgery, the doctor would cut off the bones at his limbs, connect the two by penetrating both ends with two steel needles, then use a 10 pounds external fixator device to attach them to the outside. In this way, it would stimulate the bones, muscles, and … Read moreFeng Mang Chapter 25 – Could Be Properly Nurtured

Old Photo (旧照片)

Title: Old Photo (旧照片) Author: 二逼癌细胞 Genre: Modern, possessive/Psycho/forceful/deeply in love w/ uke/arrogant/ghost Seme X Nice/Good personality/deeply in love w/ seme/strong personality uke, mystical, HE 7 chapters   My Summary: Zhao Mu is knocking on the window. Li Yu opened his eyes, it was exactly midnight. Zhao Mu, a young man who studies music, has always had … Read moreOld Photo (旧照片)


Title: 扬书魅影 / Yang Shu Meiying Author: 南风歌 Genre: Jianghu, ancient, omegaverse, righteous seme x evil uke, 3 CPS There is a total of 3 books in this series, my summary is only on the 1st book. 1st book have a total of 115 chapters and 23 extras Seme: Chu Feiying = hero of Jianghu Uke: Jun … Read more扬书魅影