7 Days Chapter 2

The Next Day <8> Capturing a flower thief is a major issue, how to dispose of him isn’t a decision I can decide myself. However reporting to big brother isn’t good, because with brother’s temper, he will impatiently waved his hand and said: “Dragged out, chop into pieces and feed it to the dogs.” Therefore … Read more7 Days Chapter 2

7 Days

Title: 7 days Author: CXS Genre: Historical, comedy, pure love Main: Yin Cheng x Shen Heng Supporting actors: Shen Ping, Shen Pian, Ouyang Qi Others: Horse and pigs Summary: The second young master of Shen Zhuang Jia, Shen Heng, during the time he was sent to take care of the stable, he encountered a flower thief falling from … Read more7 Days