15P 7H 6SM – (5) Honest

Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator ASSISTANT’S POV “…………We love you!!” “I love you!!” “love you!!!” Taiwanese girls are really enthusiastic, they could enjoy their young life absolutely unrestrained, they didn’t have to worry that the next day they would be condemned both in speech and writing of being “superficial” and “chasing after idols without any aspirations”, … Read more15P 7H 6SM – (5) Honest

Feng Mang Chapter 23 – You can’t speak too soon!

Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator On the flight back from the business trip to Shanghai, Feng Jun and Wang Zhong Ding chatted about Liang Jing’s matter. “You mean, the person that Liang Jing found, you don’t think he will meet the conditions?” Wang Zhong Ding didn’t lift his head up and directly said: “It’s impossible.” “Why … Read moreFeng Mang Chapter 23 – You can’t speak too soon!

Feng Mang Chapter 22 – Error

Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator Living in a luxurious apartment, wearing a bathrobe of natural fabrics, sitting on an imported leather sofa while searching for a well-known blockbuster movie by executive producer Liang Jing, Li Shang had an unreal sense of reality. A classmate from university called to ask: “Did you find an official job yet?” … Read moreFeng Mang Chapter 22 – Error

15P 7H 6SM – 13 Permit

Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator STAR’S POV “Um……” “What’s the matter? Is there still something that you can’t say to me?” “In the future, I can take a bath by myself……every time……” “No, you can’t rob me of my joy.” “Then……In the future don’t always stare at me when we’re outside, you are a celebrity, you … Read more15P 7H 6SM – 13 Permit