Feng Mang Chapter 4 – Numberphilia

Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator “I’ll turn over, I’ll turn over, *hiccup*……” Han Dong panted heavily while tossing from side to side in a turmoil for a long time and finally tumbled to the ground. He quickly stood up, took a step then ran toward the entrance of Northern Film Studio. Unfortunately, the manager had already … Read moreFeng Mang Chapter 4 – Numberphilia

Feng Mang Chapter 3 – Standard “got hit even while lying down”

Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator A luxurious private car driving slowly on the road, sitting in the car was the ace of Zhong Ding movies and film company——Producer Liang Jing. He was sitting with an actress who just entered the profession not long ago but had a firm background, Tao Yunyun. Liang Jing had experience as … Read moreFeng Mang Chapter 3 – Standard “got hit even while lying down”

Feng Mang

Title: Feng Mang (锋芒) Author: Chai Jidan (柴鸡蛋)  Genre: modern, showbiz, fortune-telling, comedy, numberphile, shameless male, 307 Chapters Summary: Han Dong is an extras, also fortune-telling as a concurrent job, telling marriage extremely accurate. One day he accidentally tell his own fortune and discover that he and a golden man will become “a match predestined by fate.” As a straight man, he … Read moreFeng Mang

Who Dare To Spoke Ill of My Senior?(谁敢说师兄的坏话)

Title: Who Dare To Spoke Ill of My Senior? Author: 古玉闻香 Genre: Transport into a book, transmigrated (?), cultivation, reborn, magic 92 Chapters Summary (The actual summary isn’t going to give you much information, therefore I give you my summary ^^): WARNING : I THINK I MIGHT JUST GIVE YOU GUYS A SUMMARY OF THE WHOLE STORY, READ/STOP … Read moreWho Dare To Spoke Ill of My Senior?(谁敢说师兄的坏话)

Dig up a grave, dig up a ghost (挖坟挖出鬼)

Title: Dig up a grave, dig up a ghost Author: 君子在野 Genre: Modern, archeologist, mystery, horror, supernatural, this life past life. 75 Chapters Summary: During one of his archaeology practice, Lin Yan unfortunate dig up by a ghost and was being followed by it…… Since then, every strange things keep occurring in his life, one after another. In order to … Read moreDig up a grave, dig up a ghost (挖坟挖出鬼)

Everywhere in Jianghu is wonderful (江湖遍地是奇葩)

~I just found this one and I love it so far <3 ~I keep looking for more danmei/BL and now I have like tons to choose from ~This is the reason why I can’t decide on what to translate next -.- too many goodness!! Title: Everywhere in Jianghu is wonderful Author: 语笑阑珊 Genre: Transmigrate, transport to the … Read moreEverywhere in Jianghu is wonderful (江湖遍地是奇葩)