7 Days Chapter 2

The Next Day <8> Capturing a flower thief is a major issue, how to dispose of him isn’t a decision I can decide myself. However reporting to big brother isn’t good, because with brother’s temper, he will impatiently waved his hand and said: “Dragged out, chop into pieces and feed it to the dogs.” Therefore … Read more7 Days Chapter 2

7 Days

Title: 7 days Author: CXS Genre: Historical, comedy, pure love Main: Yin Cheng x Shen Heng Supporting actors: Shen Ping, Shen Pian, Ouyang Qi Others: Horse and pigs Summary: The second young master of Shen Zhuang Jia, Shen Heng, during the time he was sent to take care of the stable, he encountered a flower thief falling from … Read more7 Days

Golden Assistant Chapter 4

Translator: Polarbearadise The moment they arrived home, Xiao Yi immediately received a call from Du Mei. “What happened?” Du Mei asked. “Who allowed you to speak!” Luzhou roared, jumping up from the sofa and grabbing Xiao Yi’s collar. He shouted, “Who allowed you to talk about what happened!” “I didn’t say anything!” Xiao Yi said, … Read moreGolden Assistant Chapter 4